F1 2020 Podium Pass: Series 5 now live! Prestige tiers, new liveries & challenges

The F1 2021 season may be fast approaching, but we are still having a blast on F1 2020.

One of the best parts about F1 2020 is how much individuality Codemasters allows when it comes to designing your My Team and Multiplayer car.

A big part of the creativity within F1 2020 comes from the Podium Pass, where players can unlock amazing new liveries and extras for their car.

F1 2020 Podium Pass Series 5 out now!

Series 5 is here at last!

New liveries and unlockables aren't the only thing coming this season.


Codemasters has added Prestige to this Series. A common idea in Call of Duty, this means that the job isn't done once you reach the top tier.

"Prestige allows you to continue earning XP once you’ve reached the top tier. There are five levels for both free and VIP. Each has a unique badge emblem to unlock, proof to all your rivals that you’re not afraid of putting in the practise - all the more reason to complete those challenges"

Series 5 unlockables

As always, there will be a free and VIP Podium Pass, both of which include that Prestige option. While some of the new liveries, gloves, suits, and helmets will be available in the free Podium Pass, you'll need VIP to get them all.

F12020 Podium Pass Series5 11
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NEW LOOK: It might be time to change up your team's look

There will be 5 helmets, 10 gloves, 7 suits, and 9 liveries included in the Podium Pass. With even more available in the shop.

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ON POINT: Up your game and show off your style


On of the best ways to level up quickly is to check out the challenges.

These will give you extra XP for things like "completing 3 clean races a Spain", so if you are just racing around be sure to complete these and unlock those new threads!

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