F1 2020: Podium Pass Series 4, Liveries, Helmets, Suits & more!

This year is off to a rocky start thanks to the continued global pandemic, however, our time in lockdown may be getting a little better, and far more colourful.

Codemasters has just announced the latest Podium Pass Series, Series 4, and it's got some awesome content that will make the wait for F1 2021 a bit easier.

So, let's take a look at what we can expect to see in this latest Podium Pass!

New Helmets

The new Podium Pass includes 30 tiers of VIP and free content for players to unlocks, including helmets.

In the podium pass there are three of these, with one each being common, epic and legendary.

Similarly, the Podium Shop will be stocked with 5 new legendary helmets for players to buy!

New Gloves and Suits

The cosmetics don't stop there however, as a plethora of new gloves and suits are also available.

F1 2020 Series 4 livery
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DON'T BE MISSED: The liveries are bright and colourful!

This includes 7 suits in the Podium Pass and 5 in the Podium Shop, and 11 gloves in the Podium Pass with another 5 in the Podium Shop.

You can be sure to stand out with these cosmetics equipped when you jump into a race, especially when you end up on that podium at the end!

Speaking of podium finishes...

New Liveries and Emotes

There are even some brand new liveries and emotes for players to try and unlock.

F1 2020 Series 4 emote
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DANCING TO VICTORY: These new emotes will help you stand out, that's for sure!

As far as liveries are concerned there are 10 new ones in the Podium Pass and 7 in the Podium Shop. Some of these liveries are awesome, we love the Pop Art one!

There are also 2 new podium emotes for you to celebrate your race wins. These include the Podium Pointer or the Joy Jump, both of which will be sure to help you enjoy that nice victory of yours!

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