F1 2020 Spain Grand Prix Setup: Aerodynamics, Transmission & more!

The Catalonian track is a nice blend of fast straights and corners with a tight final sector.

The track has also been changed slightly, as the final sector has been widened slightly.

Thankfully, with this setup, you should be flying around the hills of Barcelona in no time!


The key for your aero setup in Spain is to make sure you maintain speed through the high-speed corners.

Spain Aero
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To do this, we've gone with a lower downforce on the front wing with a figure of 4.

For the rears, we went with 7, as this should let you accelerate sooner out of corners.


Thankfully due to the high speed of the track, you can have a much more aggressive transmission setup.

Spain Transmission
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For the on-throttle diff, we've gone with a figure of 65%.

For off-throttle, and to make sure you can get through those corners smoothly, we've gone with 70%.

Suspension Geometry

One of the compromises we have to make with our suspension geometry setup is ensuring that tyre wear is minimal.

Spain Sus Geo
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As such, we've gone with a high camber of -2.80 on the front and -1.20 on the rear.

For the toe we went with 0.07 on the front and 0.23 on the rear.


For Barcelona, we need to make sure the suspension is soft so we can get aggressive in the final sector.

Spain Sus
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To this end, we went with 1 on the front and 3 on the rear, with anti-roll bars of 7 and 10 to maintain some responsivity.

For max downforce and minimum drag, we went with a low ride height of 2 at the front and 3 at the rear.


The lack of heavy braking zones means we can run a slightly lower brake pressure of 90%.

Spain Brakes
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This will help with both temps and tyre life.

Similarly, we can run a balanced setup of 52% bias, once again to maintain the life of those tyres.


It's important to ensure your front left is lower than your right, as the track is very right-handed. We went with 21.8 psi for the front left.

Spain Tyres
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For the front right, go with a normal figure of 23.0 psi.

Finally, for the rears, we went with 20.7 psi to increase traction around the circuit.

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