F1 2020 Vietnam Grand Prix Wet Setup: Aerodynamics, Transmission & more!

Vietnam is an incredibly tight and complex circuit in F1 2020, but does make for some awesome racing.

However, rain at the circuit adds an entirely new level of difficulty to the already tough to master circuit.

So, let's take a look at what setup you should be using for a wet race in Vietnam!


For aerodynamics, we need a good setup that can easily cope with the low grip conditions.

Vietnam Wet Aero
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For this, we've gone with a front aero of 6 and a rear wing of 10.

This should keep the rear planted, whilst the slightly lower front aero should help maintain some straightline speed.


For transmission, we have a rather standard wet city track setup.

Vietnam Wet Trans
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This means we've got an on-throttle diff of 50%, and an off-throttle of 60%.

This should help you rotate the car slightly easier in those slower, but far tighter, city streets.

Suspension Geometry

Once again, we have a pretty normal suspension geometry setup here for the wet.

Vietnam Wet Sus Geo
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Start with your camber at -2.70 degrees for the front and -1.10 degrees for the rear.

Next, your toe should be at 0.06 on the front and 0.23 on the rear.


For suspension, we have the standard soft setup with a higher than normal ride height.

Vietnam Wet Sus
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This means we start with a front softness of 2 and a rear softness of 5. This is then paired with anti-roll bars for 7 for the front and 8 for the rear.

Finally, we have our ride height set higher than normal at 7 for the front and 9 for the rear.


For brakes, we've set our pressure slightly lower at 88%.

Vietnam Wet Brakes
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We've then also set our front brake bias at 52%, this should help avoid some of those pesky lockups which can end races.


Finally, we have our tyre pressures incredibly low to cope with the low grip conditions.

Vietnam Wet Tyres
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For the rear, we have our pressures at 19.5psi and for the front we have 21.8psi.

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