F1 2021: 5 Classic Cars that NEED to return

We love F1 2021, as Codemasters has produced yet another top Formula 1 game. One of the few disappointments though has been the omission of classic cars. Codies have kept quiet on this subject, but after expanding their library even further in F1 2020, this year's game has no classic cars.

It's possible that classic cars could be re-added into the series as DLC later down the line. If that's the case, that got us thinking, which five would we like to see a return the most? Here are our picks!

1 - 1976 Ferrari 312 T2

You can't have a list of classic Formula 1 cars without having at least one Ferrari featured. There are so many famous scarlet cars to choose from, but we went with one that's extremely iconic, if not always for the right reasons. The 312T in its various guises won 4 constructors' and 3 drivers' championships between 1975 and 1980.

1976 Ferrari 312 T2 F1 2018
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ICONIC: The 312 T2 powered Lauda's championship challenge in 1976

Most of these championships were thanks to the talents of Niki Lauda, who won the driver's championship in 1975 and '77 with the 312T. Jody Scheckter was also crowned driver's champion in 1979 driving the 312T4, Ferrari's last driver's title of the 20th century.

The 312 T2 lost the massive airbox that was on the 312T and as such, has a much more streamlined appearance. The oversized numbers, small front wheels, and white and green sections make this car very easy on the eye.

As for driving the 312 T2, it's a real handful. This was just before turbo technology came into Formula 1, so the normally-aspirated flat 12 make the rear incredibly tail-happy. If you put the practice in though, it's very rewarding to get right and slide around circuits like Monza.

2 - 1988 McLaren MP4/4

Formula 1 went a bit mad in the 80s. This engineered insanity culminated in the McLaren MP4/4, which is still the most dominant F1 car ever. No car before or since has won as high a percentage of races as the MP4/4 did. This was when McLaren and Honda worked in perfect harmony to blow the competition out of the water.

1988 McLaren MP4 4 f1 2020
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TURBOCHARGED MONSTER: 1988 was the final year of turbo cars before 2014 in F1

Combine that with two of the greatest drivers of all time in the car (Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost) and you have a recipe for success. 15 out of 16 race wins in 1988 went to McLaren and the only one they didn't stand on the top step in was because of a mechanical failure and a crash.

Modern F1 cars are turbocharged as well, but they're a completely different experience to the MP4/4. Turbo lag is something you'll have to learn how to cope with to be fast in the MP4/4, but once you do, this car is seriously fast, especially down the straights.

3 - 1991 Jordan 191

While it's by no means the fastest car on this list, it is probably the best-looking. The only Jordan car in the F1 2020 classic library was the first, the 191. This car is famed for its beautiful green and blue livery and for giving Michael Schumacher his Formula 1 debut in 1991.

1991 Jordan 191 f1 2020
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BIRTH OF A LEGEND: Schumacher's performance in Spa earned him an immediate move to Benetton

30 years on from his debut, it would be a fitting tribute to Schumacher if this car makes a return to the official Formula 1 game. For a first-year car as well, the 191 was extremely impressive. Jordan finished fifth in the constructor's championship thanks to 13 points scored including two fourth places for Andrea de Cesaris.

4 - 1992 Williams FW14

Another manufacturer that is synonymous with Formula 1 is Williams. Although the team has fallen on hard times these days, the British constructor was the dominant force in Formula 1 during periods of their history. One such stint began with the Adrian Newey-designed FW14 in 1992.

1992 Williams FW14 f1 2020
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THE MOST ADVANCED EVER: The 1992 Williams is still arguably the most advanced F1 car ever

Electronic aids such as traction control, launch control and active suspension made this car unbeatable. It proved that was as well, as Nigel Mansell cruised to his only championship as he and Riccardo Patrese won Williams the constructors crown that year.

Where the previous cars are a challenge to drive, 1992 Williams is much more like a current Formula 1 car. It certainly has its moments, particularly in the rain, but the FW14 is a car that you can throw around circuits like Silverstone with little in the way of punishment.

5 - 2004 Ferrari F2004

We wanted to feature another manufacturer like Lotus or Renault, but you cannot look past the 2004 Ferrari. The F2004 is still arguably the fastest Formula 1 car of all time. While the current Mercedes may have surpassed it, the F2004 will always have a special place in F1 fans' hearts.

2004 Ferrari F2004 f1 2020
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THE FASTEST EVER: F1 is about speed and this car had it by the bucketload

We can't forget about the noise of the V10 as well, these engines are missed so much today. Tearing around Monza or Spa never gets old in this beast, it's an incredible feat of engineering. It's also the final car to provide Michael Schumacher with a driver's title and one of the last V10 cars in the sport too, as they were banned for 2006.

In truth, whichever cars Codies decide to bring back will be welcomed with open arms. These five are our favourites from the ones we've been lucky enough to drive.

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