F1 2021 Announced: EA confirmed release date & features for new Formula 1 game

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It's finally here, the F1 2021 news we all wanted and needed!

With a new trailer and huge features, let's take a look!

F1 2021 release date

The release date has been confirmed as 16 July.

f1 2021 alpha tauri
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LOOKING GOOD: The new 2021 cars look terrific

As usual, the Deluxe Edition will come with three days early access!

Braking Point

A brand new story mode is coming called Braking Point. The announcement trailer gives a thrilling little insight to the mode.


The voices are the only hint on what we can expect, but is sounds like a huge personal rivalry with "Akerman" is going to be our primary focus.

The voiceover sounds a little like Devon Butler... and it is! The F1 2019 antagonist is back for more.


F1 2021 will be available on both PS4 and PS5, as well as Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.

Two-Player Career

We’re also excited to reveal a feature you’ve requested for a long time – the ability to play career with your friends, either co-operatively or competitively. As each player will have complete control over the assists, you’ll be able to enjoy the game whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer to the series.

Real-Season Start

F1 2021’s 'Real-Season Start' feature lets you jump into this season's action, reflecting the live standings, and then you can take over and drive the remaining races. Great for players who want to jump into the season to align with the real-world season.

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