F1 2021 Austria Wet Setup: Red Bull Ring wet setup, career mode, My Team, & more!

We're getting stuck into F1 2021, and loving the game even more with each and every race. One of the ways we're finding pace in the game and enjoying it so much is with custom setups!

With wet races seeming more common in-game than real-life so far, we've put together a wet setup for the Austrian Grand Prix.

So, let's take a look at this wet setup, and hopefully have you on top of the podium every time!


The aero setup is incredibly aggressive in an attempt to counter the lack of grip and provide as much downforce as possible.

Austria Wet Aero
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This means we've gone with 11 on the front and rear.


We've gone with a more unlocked on and off-throttle differential to help with the traction in the low-grip conditions.

Austria Wet Trans
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This means we've got an on-throttle diff of 90% and an off-throttle diff of 56%.

Suspension Geometry

Much like some of our other wet setups, we've got an aggressive front camber to provide as much cornering ability as possible.

Austria Wet Sus Geo
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Set the front camber to -2.50 and the rear camber to -2.00. Finally, put your front toe at 0.08 and your rear toe at 0.20.


We can run a relatively aggressive suspension setup as well, although we're leaving the front a bit softer to allow the car to find as much grip as possible.

Austria Wet Sus
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Set your front suspension to 9 and the rear to 4, with anti-roll bars at 1 on the front and 9 on the rear. Finally, set your front ride height to 3 and your rear ride height to 8.


We've left our brake pressure maxed out at 100% to ensure we're stopping in time at the end of those long straights.

Austria Wet Brakes
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However, our brake bias is at 56% to ensure that there's as little locking up as possible.


We've gone with high pressures this time, as the rest of the setup should ensure enough grip. Likewise, there isn't too much aggressive, high-speed cornering.

Austria Wet Tyres
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On the front go with 23.4psi and on the rear 23.5psi.

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