F1 2021 Azerbaijan Setup: Baku setup, Career Mode, My Team, race & more

The wait for F1 2021 is over, which means it's time to go racing.

With a new handling and physics model this year, Codemasters' game requires new setups for you to get the most out of the car.

So what do you need to claim victory at Baku? Let's take a look.


F1 2021 Azerbaijan setup

Baku is the fastest street circuit, at least until Jeddah arrives, on the game. But that doesn't mean you just need a Monza setup. With plenty of low-speed corners and tricky sections, Baku requires a lot of compromises to be successful.


You want as little wing as possible in the first and last sector, and a lot in the middle. So the Baku aerodynamics end up being something of a compromise.

F1 2021 baku setup aero
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We've gone with 3-5 here, as it gives you the straight-line speed needed but keeps the rear planted through the castle section.


The transmission section dictates how power is directed through the rear wheels. You can lock the differentials, requiring the rears to rotate at precisely the same rate as each other, or unlock and allow different rates.

F1 2021 baku setup transmission
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In F1 2021, it looks like a more locked setting than last year is the way to go. We've gone with 70% for the on-throttle setting. This gives a bit more traction out of the corners without pushing you too wide or wearing the tyres.

Off-throttle is set to 55% to allow for some added rotation effect to help you out in the slow corners.

Suspension Geometry

While slightly changed from last year, the suspension geometry is perhaps the most similar part of the setup.

F1 2021 baku setup suspension geography
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We've gone for a fully right front camber setting, with a fully left rear camber.

On the front toe we have a click of toe-out with 0.06, but the rears are set fully to the left as always.


Suspension is perhaps the most personal part of a setup, as it most directly affects how the car will respond to your inputs and driving style.

F1 2021 Baku Setup
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We've gone with 2-6 for the suspension and 2-6 for the anti-roll bars. This keeps the car nicely balanced into the corners and gives a very predictable feel into and out of the corners.

With it comes a ride height of 3-6. This keeps the car low for the straights but will let you ride some kerbs without too much worry of damage.


Braking is much trickier this year, and comes with a warning of rear locking, which can quickly spin your car round.

F1 2021 baku setup brakes
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As a result, we've gone with 93% brake pressure and 58% brake bias.

The lower pressure will help keep you from locking up into the super-slow speed sections. With no room for error here a lockup can be extremely costly. The bias is on the conservative side, but great for newer players. If you are confident, bump the pressure up a touch and more the bias a little rearward.


Finally, we come to the tyres. Another place that is radically different to last year.

F1 2021 Baku setup tyres
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We've gone with a front pressure of 21.4psi and rears of 22.7psi. This gets some extra top speed thanks to lower rolling resistance while adding a bit more front end performance too.

We are continually testing and updating our setups so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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