F1 2021 Azerbaijan Wet Setup: Baku setup, career mode, My Team, & more!

The Baku street circuit has produced some incredible races in its relatively short lifespan. From tyre failures to manic restarts, we've seen it all.

However, every now and then, it throws up another exciting element, rain.

So, here's a wet setup you can use to guarantee some top-notch pace at Baku in the wet!


As a street circuit, an aggressive aero setup is a given. Add in the adjusted physics model for F1 2021 and the rain, and a maxed-out aero setup is a given.

Baku Wet Aero
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This means we're running 11 on the front wing and 11 on the rear wing as well.


For transmission, we've gone for a relatively unlocked setup to help with the rotation of the car in the low grip conditions.

Baku Wet Trans
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The on-throttle diff is at 95% and the off-throttle at 55%, so traction shouldn't be too much of an issue either.

Suspension Geometry

As with many of our other wet setups, we've gone with a more aggressive front setup and a much less aggressive setup on the rear.

Baku Wet Sus Geo
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For the front camber we've got -2.50, and for the rear camber-2.00. For the front toe we've got 0.09, and for the rear, 0.20.


The same goes for the suspension setup as the geometry setup. That means a looser front end to aid with the cornering wheels' rotation, and a stiffer rear end to help get the power down.

Baku Wet Sus
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Set your front suspension at 1 and your rear suspension at 11, and set your front anti-roll bar at 1 and your rear anti-roll bar at 11.

Finally, set your ride height at 4 on the front and 8 on the rear.


For our brake setup, there is a bit of a trend appearing.

Baku Wet Brakes
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We've gone with 100% brake pressure and 56% bias. This should keep you stopping in time in the tight circuit and avoid as many lockups as possible.


Our tyres have relatively high pressures for a wet setup, but this is due to the aggressively downforce and grip oriented setup around them.

Baku Wet Tyres
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We've got 21.8psi on the front and 23.5psi on the rear. If you find yourself struggling a bit for grip or tyre wear in longer races, simply dropping these pressures a bit should help immensely!

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