F1 2021 Beta: How to apply, start dates, platforms & everything you need to know

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The release of F1 2021 draws ever nearer, and like most games it needs play testing. That's where you come in!

Codemasters is once again running a beta for the game, but it's not available for everyone.

Here's how you can have a shot at playing the game early.

F1 2021 Beta

The goal of the beta is for errors and bugs to get uncovered through play testing the game.

The F1 2021 beta will not be a complete version of the game. Cars will not have final liveries or driver names, game art will be placeholder rather than what you would expect to see when released, and game mode and track selection will be limited.

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LIGHTS OUT: Don't waste any time, get your application in now!

However, the racing will still be amazing!

So, how can you apply to play the game?

How to apply for the F1 2021 beta

Codemasters is running the beta exclusively through their forums. You will need to register an account there and be willing to provide feedback on your experience.

Once you have signed up to the forum it's still not that simple to get your application in.

You need to go to the top right of your profile page and select 'Profile' under the 'content' section. Then select 'Edit Profile'. From there you can scroll down to the BETA 2021 Application Form and complete it. Once you have agreed to the terms it's done!

The beta is available for players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Application closing date

The Beta applications close at 2pm BST, 10 May.

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WHAT'S NEW: You'll get to try out a lot of things well before other players

Only then will the successful applicants be emailed a code to get them into the beta. As it is a closed beta, there is an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) attached, so you won't be able to stream your beta play on Twitch or share your experiences with anyone but Codemasters.

What are Codemasters testing?

It looks like Multiplayer is a big focus of their tests in this beta, as they will have multiplayer functionality from the very start.

They are also taking specific applications for the 2 player career mode, which is great to see and should mean that the new feature is bug-free on release.

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