F1 2021 Britain Wet Setup: Silverstone setup, career mode, My Team, & more!

We're loving F1 2021 so far, from career mode to MyTeam and Braking Point, we've had a good chance to get to grips with it all!

With a number of dry setups already on the site, we thought it would be a good time to turn our eyes to the circuits in the calendar that aren't always sunny. Naturally, a good start is Silverstone.

So, here's a setup that you should be using in the wet at the British GP!


The lack of grip in wet conditions will force you into using incredibly high aero.

Britain Wet Aero
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For Silverstone, we found that to be 11 on the front wing and 10 on the rear wing.


We've leaned towards an unlocked differential for racing here in the wet. We've gone for an on-throttle diff of 65% and an off-throttle diff of 60%.

Britain Wet Trans
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This should let you get that power down smoothly enough without lighting up the rear tyres. As such, you shouldn't end up off the track!

Suspension Geometry

Our suspension geometry is set up rather aggressively in order to maintain an element of competitiveness.

Britain Wet Sus Geo
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We've got front camber at -3.00, rear camber at -1.50, front toe at 0.10, and rear toe at 0.35.


Once again, this element of the setup is tailored to extracting as much pace as possible out of what will already be a far slower lap.

Britain Wet Sus
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The setup maintains that iconic low suspension that we've come to see in F1. The front is set at 5 and the rear at 2, with the anti-roll bars at 5 on the front and 1 on the rear.


The brake pressure has been left high at 100%, just to make sure you're stopping in time!

Britain Wet Brakes
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However, we've left the front brake bias down at 55%, which should put most of that pressure through those rear brakes.


Finally, we've got our tyres at 22.2psi on the front and 21.1psi on the rear.

Britain Wet Tyres
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These slightly lower pressures should help provide some more grip on your lap!

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