F1 2021 Calendar: Portimao Confirmed, Codemasters to include in game?

As expected, the Formula 1 2021 calendar is seeing some changes, and the biggest one of all is the return of Imola.

Could this mean it finally makes its return on the F1 2021 game?

Portimao confirmed

The Portuguese circuit will host yet another race this year, after a 25-year wait before last year's race in October.

Portimao RR
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RECORD BREAKER: The race was Hamilton's 92nd career win last season!

The race will take place on May 2, in round 3 of the whopping 23 round championship.

Given the advanced stage in the production of the game, we likely won't see it. However, the hope remains that we somehow see all 23 circuits in F1 2021 also!

Imola is back

While not a track designed for overtaking in a modern F1 car, the history and stunning setting of Imola is loved by everyone.

imola automobilista
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FAN FAVOURITE: Imola is a go-to circuit for nearly every sim racer

After making a stand-in appearance last year, the circuit has returned to the F1 calendar, filling in the slot left by the withdrawal of Vietnam.

It will now act as the second race in the championship!

Australia moving back & China up in the air

With the global pandemic still making mass travel a tricky business, the Australian GP has been moved all the way to round 21!

This means the race will happen on 21 November, rather than as the usual late March season-opener.

f1 2019 australia
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STILL ON: We haven't seen Australia since the Mercedes were still silver!

Hopefully this means the race will go ahead after being cancelled last year.

The Chinese Grand Prix is also in doubt.

What does this mean for the game?

As we saw with F1 2020, Codemasters needs a long lead time to make new tracks or major track changes. However, they are also meant to be reproducing the current F1 season as it was intended.

While the original calendar could still be used, these changes may force some wholesale changes within F1 2021.

Not only could we finally see the ability to fully customise your season make-up, but we could have a changed 2021 calendar in our My Team save, only for a return to normal in season 2.

f1 2021 calendar
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ALL CHANGE: There's a lot that could happen between now and the first race

We hope Codies has been hard at work getting an Imola track ready for the game, as new circuits are always welcome. However, that is probably unlikely.

They already had a new circuit in Saudi Arabia to create, so resources could be tight.

Players have been crying out for track DLCs and more customisation in the game for a long time. We hope these wishes come true in F1 2021.

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