F1 2021 China Wet Setup: Chinese Grand Prix setup, career mode, My Team, & more!

The Chinese Grand Prix can produce some amazing races for players to enjoy. However, as per usual, rain can add another interesting element, especially in F1 2021.

With a number of high-paced corners that you need to tackle, the right setup is essential.

So, here's a wet setup for China that should have you lapping the fastest on the track!


The aero setup is turning into a pretty similar affair for each of our wet setups, but such is the nature of the physics in the game.

China Wet Aero
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This time we've gone with a maxed-out setup of 11 on the front wing and 11 on the rear wing. These can be lowered to 10-10 if you find your tyres struggling in the longer races!


The diff is also, naturally, tailored to ensuring grip in wet conditions, especially given the intricate mix of long, flowing sections and sharper corners.

China Wet Trans
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Set your on-throttle diff to 100%, and your off-throttle diff at 55%.

Suspension Geometry

For the suspension geometry setup, we've gone with the normal aggressive front end and a less aggressive rear-end. On the front camber we've got -2.50 and on the rear camber we've got -2.00.

China Wet Sus Geo
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For the toe, we've got the front toe at 0.06 and the rear toe at 0.20.


The suspension setup is also equally aggressive. The front suspension is at 1 and the rear at 11 and the front anti-roll bar is at 1 with the rear at 11.

China Wet Sus
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If you find yourself going through rear tyres too often, drop the rear anti-roll bar and firmness.

The front ride height is at 4 and the rear at 8, a good balance of speed and maintaining grip.


For the brakes, we've got a setup that should guarantee as few lock-ups as possible in the low-grip conditions.

China Wet Brakes
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The brake pressure is at 100% and the front brake bias is at 55%.


For the tyre setup, we've prioritised speed. If you find yourself wearing through them too fast, try dropping the pressures by a single notch front and rear.

China Wet Tyres
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The front is set at 22.2psi and the rear is set to 21.9psi.

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