F1 2021 Drivers: Will the Driver Market expand in My Team?

In a recent article, we went over our wishes for My Team in F1 2021.

One of them was that we'd love to see a system whereby we could hire more staff. Well, what if the same applied to drivers?

Let's take a look at how drivers and the Drivers Market could work in F1 2021 next year!

Latest News - Game announced!

Codemasters has finally revealed all concerning F1 2021, and we now have a release date for the game and more!

The game will launch on 16 July, 2021, which is well within the release window of previous F1 games.

Unfortunately, we don't yet know all concerning the My Team mode, but we do know that 7 Classic drivers are available for those who pre-order the digital Deluxe Edition.

My Team Drivers

Last year's Sakhir Grand Prix shuffled the rosters of several teams around. Despite the reasons because of this, it did make things interesting.

A NEW PACK: F1 2021 will have a host of exciting drivers in the running!
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A NEW PACK: F1 2021 will have a host of exciting drivers in the running!

With the World Champion Lewis Hamilton sitting out, George Russell made the step up from Williams and Jack Aitken filled in for his compatriot at the British team.

Not only that, Pietro Fittipaldi joined the fun as well, taking over from Grosjean after his horrific crash.

But what does this have to do with My Team?

In-game, we'd love to be able to sign a variety of drivers in My Team. Making the Formula 2 drivers more viable as a choice to pick up would help this.

Drivers Market

To facilitate this, we feel that the Drivers Market needs expanding a bit. If not, at least a small update to the number of drivers available and their skills.

There's sometimes issues around drivers' names and the rights to their images in-game when they're not a full-time Formula 1 driver.

However, as EA have now completed their takeover of Codemasters, this shouldn't be an issue, as they'll have more than enough money to overcome that obstacle.

F1 2020 Driver Market
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DRIVER MARKET: The Feature was an awesome addition to My Team

Whilst it remains to be seen how they will perform, a number of F2 drivers are succesfully making the leap to F1.

It would be awesome if we could complete the same in-game, by signing or making offers for currently signed F1 and F2 drivers.

Potentially, the game could even Formula 3, as new and exciting talent continues to come through from the lower tiers.

Do I want to sign Perez one season and Hulkenberg the next? Absolutely. Will I win the constructors championship doing so? You'll have to wait and find out.

BACK TO THE FUTURE: The game has come a long way since F1 2019!
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BACK TO THE FUTURE: The game has come a long way since F1 2019!

Jokes aside, a wider Drivers Market would help game immersion no end. With drivers new and old, as well as current, unsigned talents, the My Team possibilities would increase tenfold.

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