F1 2021 France Wet Setup: Paul Ricard setup, Career Mode, My Team & more

Rain in F1 usually creates chaos, and that is no different in F1 2021. Few racers practice or are truly prepared for wet weather in the F1 games.

That means if you've got a setup saved and ready to go you can have a huge edge on your competition!

Full wet setups are vastly different from dry ones. Let's take a look at what works when the rain hits Paul Ricard.

F1 2021 France wet setup

Circuit Paul Ricard is one of those tracks where rain is a constant threat in F1 2021. In full wet conditions, the technical final sector becomes a sbinalla zone for those with the wrong setup.

With the right setup though, you can glide around the corners and get the power down with confidence.


You want a lot of wing angle for this track when it rains.

F1 2021 france wet setup aero
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With so many curved braking zones, long radius corners, and tricky traction zones the car needs the 9-11 wings we have gone for. It will get the car turned into the slower corners and keep the rear fixed as you power through the longer corners.


This part of the setup defines how power is pushed through the rear wheels and into the tarmac.

F1 2021 france wet setup transmission
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You don't want the wheels spinning too differently as that will snap the car round on you in a hurry. We've gone with 87% on-throttle differential. While aggressive this track is extremely front-limited in the wet so you can extract more performance out of the rears.

Off-throttle is set to 70%. These numbers are drastically different from the dry setup as you want the rear stability that this offers.

Suspension Geometry

This part of the setup defines how the wheels are aligned to the body of the car.

F1 2021 france wet setup suspension geometry
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We've pushed the front camber all the way right with the rear camber all the way left.

Front toe gets put at 0.09 to give more turn-in performance, while rear toe is set to 0.32 to provide some added rear stability.


This part of the setup is the most personal and driver-specific as it can really dictate how much oversteer or understeer the car produces.

F1 2021 france wet setup suspension
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We've gone with 6-5 on the suspension and 7-5 on the anti-roll bar. This gives the car good purchase on turn-in and lets the rear rotate smoothly. The big rear wing prevents over-rotation, unless you are too eager on the throttle!

Ride height is set to 3-7. This stops the rear wing pushing the car into the ground, and lets you use some kerbs still, but beware as they are more dangerous in the wet!


It's easy to lock a brake in the wet.

F1 2021 france wet setup brakes
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That's why we've gone with 90% brake pressure and 56% brake bias.

The lower pressure will keep the brakes from locking quickly, and let you ride the brake pedal a bit harder. The forward bias keeps the rears from locking.


F1 2021 france wet setup tyres
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Tyres are tricky in F1 2021. We've gone with 22.2psi on the front and 23.1psi on the rear.

Higher pressures on the rear add stability, and with wear not really an issue you can handle any boost in temperatures it may produce.

We are continually testing and updating our setups so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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