F1 2021 Game: Achievement & Trophy guide for PS5, PS4, Series X, Xbox One & PC

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We're having so much fun with F1 2021. Codemasters have done it again when it comes to producing top-tier racing content. To see why we love it so much, check out our full review of F1 2021.

We can already see that we're going to sink a lot of hours into playing this title. This is something that the trophy/ achievement hunters do for every game. What does the trophy/ achievement list look like for F1 2021 though? We've got the full list right here!


Full list

There are a total of 50 achievements for Xbox gamers to collect in F1 2021. These range from 15 up to 50 Gamerscore each. PC gamers will also have the same 50 achievements that are available on Xbox, on Steam.

For PlayStation players, there are the same 50 that are available on Xbox, plus the Platinum trophy, which you get after collecting the regular 50. 4 trophies/ achievements are hidden, but they all revolve around Braking Point and reward you for completing the game's story mode.

Name Description Rarity (PS) Gamerscore (Xbox)
Epic RacerYou did it!PlatinumN/A
The Beginning (Secret/Hidden)Prologue CompletedBronze15G
The Incident (Secret/Hidden) Reached the end of Chapter 6Bronze15G
The Bust Up (Secret/Hidden) Reached the end of Chapter 10Bronze15G
The End (Secret/Hidden) Completed Story ModeSilver30G
Go, Team! Completed your first session in your My Team carBronze15G
The road ahead Completed your first race weekend with your own teamSilver25G
In a rush? You completed a Practice Programme using Quick PracticeBronze15G
Start a Two Player CareerCompleted your first race in Two Player CareerBronze15G
Best in session You got into Pole PositionBronze15G
Go easy on them You lowered the morale of a Department in your teamBronze15G
Showing huge potential You got on the podium!Bronze15G
1st of many You got 1st place, enjoy the Podium!Bronze25G
World ChampionWon the F1 Drivers ChampionshipGold50G
Constructors Champion Won the F1 Constructors’ ChampionshipGold50G
A weekend to remember Set the fastest lap in all 3 Practice sessions, took pole and won the GPSilver30G
R&D Lover A component has been developed in every R&D DepartmentBronze15G
Positive vibes More than one Department are in a positive moral statusSilver15G
Multiplayer VictoryWon your first online race (excluding career)Bronze15G
Multiplayer Fame Won 5 online races (excluding career)Bronze15G
Tracked Addiction Completed 50 hours of total track timeBronze20G
10 down Finished 10 races in online multiplayer (excluding career)Bronze15G
In the multiplayer zone Finished 50 races in online multiplayer (excluding career)Bronze30G
Dedicated to the cause Finished 100 races in online multiplayer (excluding career)Silver30G
Qualifying Master Achieved 50 pole positionsSilver30G
Passion of Italy Won a single Grand Prix event at Monza as Ferrari or AlphaTauriBronze15G
Passion of Japan Won a GP event at Suzuka with a Honda Power UnitBronze15G
Passion of Great Britain Won a Silverstone GP as Williams, McLaren, Aston Martin, Red Bull or AlpineBronze15G
Second time around Completed a 2nd season of My Team/Driver Career/Two Player CareerSilver30G
Monaco HeroWon a 50% distance (or longer) F1 race at MonacoBronze15G
League Racer Completed a League eventBronze15G
Look shifty Won a race using manual gearboxBronze15G
I like to watch Spectated an online raceBronze15G
Strike a pose Showed off your custom emote on the podiumBronze15G
Mixing it upEdited your customisation and completed a online race using itBronze15G
One for the bankSaved a captured highlight in Theatre ModeBronze15G
Erase the pastUsed Flashback to rewind timeBronze15G
Perfect record Achieved 1st place for every race in a 10 race seasonSilver30G
1 lap is all I need Completed 10 One-Shot Qualifying sessions.Bronze15G
Highs and Lows Won at both Spa-Francorchamps and Sochi Autodrom in GPBronze15G
Clean MeCompleted 10 Clean Multiplayer races (excluding career)Bronze15G
Touring the AmericasTook a photo in Photo Mode on the USA, Brazil, Mexico & Canada circuitsBronze15G
Early R&DDeveloped first R&D upgrade in any departmentBronze15G
Stitch in timeAdapted an upgrade whilst within its Regulation Change warning periodBronze15G
Overnight partsSuccessfully developed a component using Rush optionBronze15G
Remembering your rootsCompleted a medium length F2 GP event (Feature & Sprint)Bronze20G
Two Player Career Complete!Completed a season in Two Player CareerBronze15G
For the history booksReached a Team Acclaim level of 20 in My Team modeSilver30G
Going to need a bigger cabinetEarned 15 Trophies for the Trophy CabinetBronze15G
Wet lookWon a 25% race in wet conditionsBronze15G
We got ’emHired an acclaim level 15 or higher Driver in My TeamSilver30G