F1 2021 Game: Controller vs Wheel performance

F1 2021 is now here for those with the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game and launching imminently for those with the standard versions.

As with every year, players will have two ways to play. These are, of course, with a controller or a wheel.

Well, we've just the comparison for you here, as we take a look at how F1 2021 compares when played with a wheel or a controller!

The wheel experience

Naturally, there are a number of advantages to playing the game with a wheel and pedals.

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Firstly, there is the question of precision. The movement and customisation allowed by a wheel let players be much more precise when cornering.

Likewise, the pedals will let you adjust your inputs incredibly specifically. Unfortunately, this does mean that braking and acceleration are far less forgiving, so you may end up caught short here and there.

You will also be able to more easily customise your inputs in the game, so your wheel can be tailored more closely to your playstyle.

Racing on controller

On controller, the experience is very different. You'll have less of an ability to carefully monitor your steering but this will balance itself out with traction.

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When correcting steering, the small action of needing to move an analog stick is far easier than a correction on a wheel, so there is another advantage on controller.

Finally, braking can be made a lot deeper on controller, purely because of that ability to easily correct the steering. There are, then, a few advantages to playing on a controller.

Controller vs Wheel

So, there are a number of reasons that you may want to pick one input method over the other.

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If you're looking to get some awesome lap times in, then we'd suggest getting some practice in on a wheel and pedals, as your skill ceiling will be significantly higher.

The various wheel inputs also allow for easier driving, as you can more efficiently change brake bias, sort out your race strategy, and more.

Controller however is far more accessible and does have its advantages, especially in F1 2021 where traction is significantly lower.

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