F1 2021 Game: How to get the new tracks in your current Career & My Team save

It's finally arrived, Codemasters has added Portimao as the first of a promised three new tracks.

They have also given a roadmap for the two other tracks, Imola and Jeddah, so players know when to expect them.

That's all well and good, but what if you are already deep into a save? Plenty of players are well into Season 2 and beyond for either Career Mode or My Team. So, will you have to restart your save? Well, Codemasters has given the answer.

New track roadmap

With Portimao arriving on 13 September, what about Imola and Jeddah?

Fans can expect to install Imola in October, with Jeddah arriving in November. No specific date has been given, but expect it to arrive in the middle of the month, much like Portimao has just done.

aston safety car
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SAFETY FIRST: The Aston Martin safety car has been added to the game too

With three separate updates for these tracks, will you need to just put a hold on your single-player career and wait until November to start afresh?

Thankfully no.

Career Mode & My Team impact

Codemasters has confirmed that players will not need to restart single-player modes to enjoy the new tracks!

portimao kimi
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ON THE UP: Riding the hills of Portimao promises to be an awesome experience

The official site says: "If you’re in the middle of a Career save, you won’t need to start again to experience Portimao. Whether in My Team, or Driver Career, it will appear for selection in your next season. Brand-new Career saves will have Poritmao available from the start."

So you can simply add it to the calendar at the start of a new season, just like you can with China!

This should be exactly the same for Imola and Jeddah, and give players the chance to create unique calendars tailored to their liking and let you drop some tracks (bye Sochi) that are less interesting to drive.

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