F1 2021 Devon Butler: Return to franchise, F2, F1 & more!

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Following the exciting news of F1 2021's arrival in July, many have been wondering about Devon Butler and his return to the latest game.

For some, it will be their first time meeting the fictional racer, others are already well acquainted with him.

So, let's take a closer look at the character now, and what his return means for F1 2021!

Devon Butler - F1 2019

In F1 2019, a new exciting feature was added in the form of the official F2 championship. It brought with it a number of fictional drivers for us to race alongside the official grid.

Alpine F1 2021
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VISUALS: The game looks absolutely stunning, especially on next-gen!

One of these drivers was Devon Butler. He was your rival throughout your career mode and climb to the heights of Formula One.

He is also a very competent racer, as many came to realise. With his return in F1 2021, we're yet to see how he will perform.

Devon Butler - F1 2021

Whilst missing out on F1 2020 with the release of My Team, Devon Butler makes a return in F1 2021's career mode. This will likely be in the all-new 'Braking Point' mode.

f1 2021 mclaren
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LIVERIES: The cars look awesome in these early images of the title!

Considering Devon's role in the previous games, we assume he will be doing the same in F1 2021. As such, get ready for some close racing.

However, until we get a gameplay trailer, or some more news concerning 'Braking Point' that's all we know.

F1 2021 release date

The release date has been confirmed as 16 July, and we're incredibly excited to get hands-on with it.

f1 2021 alpha tauri
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LOOKING GOOD: The new 2021 cars look terrific

As usual, the Deluxe Edition will come with three days early access, so those lucky ones who pre-order that version will get to play from 13 July!

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