F1 2021 goes free to play on all platforms for the weekend!

We've loved F1 2021 since its release, and have managed to sink many hours into the game, including on stream.

However, we know plenty of people haven't yet had the chance to play the game, and will definitely feel like they're missing out by now.

Well, don't worry, as it seems Codemasters has us covered. The game is going free to play for the weekend on all platforms!

Free to play

The official Formula One game Twitter account has just tweeted saying that anyone can get a taste of what F1 2021 has to offer this weekend.


This means those on consoles, both Xbox and PlayStation, will benefit from a free trial, while those on PC can play the game for free through Steam.

This is the perfect opportunity to see if the game is something you'll want to buy in the future, or if you'd rather stick it out with F1 2020 for now.

When can I play?

Even more excitingly for fans, the game is free to play right now, meaning you can set it download straight away.

F1 2021 AM overhead
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Unlike some free-to-play weekends which set a specific start and end date, F1 2021 has instead dropped this incredible bombshell on us.

We don't yet know when the free-to-play weekend will end, but as soon as we do, we'll be sure to update this and let you all know.

New circuit soon?

There are three tracks that players still remain hopeful for. These are the Jeddah street circuit, Portimao, and Imola.

F1 2021 Podium pass frost fire
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We haven't yet had confirmation that any of them are on their way soon, but we may have seen teasers.

In a series of cryptic tweets, certain letters seemed to be spelling out the name of the Portuguese track, leaving us hopeful for a release of the DLC soon.

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