F1 2021: Goodbye classic cars, you will be missed

The days are ticking away to F1 2021 and its long list of amazing new features.

However, one part of the previous titles that won't be part of the new game is the classic cars. First popping up in F1 2013's DLC, the classic cars have evolved into an amazing test of driver skill and nerve.

From the roar of the early 2000s V10 to the wild and unpredictable late 70s beasts, racing in a classic car was always a challenge, and always great fun. But they won't be around in F1 2021.

Why are they are not in F1 2021

It's simple resources really. In their first cross-generational title, together with working from home for the bulk of the development time, things were always going to be tight for F1 2021.

It's a small miracle that the game is releasing in it's usual Summer window rather than getting pushed back like a number of other racing titles.

With things like Braking Point, co-op career, and a brand new handling & damage model coming into the game, as well as ensuring the title is both optimized for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S and not compromised on PS4 & Xbox One, it's easy to see why Codemasters decided to skip the classic cars this year.

F1 2021 classic onboard
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WIDE OPEN VIEW: The lack of protection in the old cars is startling

At first glance it would surely seem an easy thing to copy & paste them across from F1 2020, but it clearly isn't that easy.

Whether the classic cars will come back for F1 2022 or not we don't know. We certainly hope so. Each car was unique, and offered a huge challenge to master. As well as allowing awesome races like the straight-line beast of the F2004 Ferrari against the mighty cornering of the RB6 Red Bull, it was a wonderful walk through history.

With cars driven by Niki Lauda, Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, and Alain Prost, it offered players the chance to emulate their heroes. We hope they make a return, but until then these are our favourites from the F1 series.

Ferrari F2004

The roar of the V10, the wild nature of it on the throttle, and of course the fact that it took Michael Schumacher to a seventh World Championship all combine to make the F2004 an absolute joy to drive.

F1 2021 04 ferrari
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HEAR ME ROAR: There's nothing in racing quite like a V10

Letting this car sing around Monza is like nothing else in the F1 games, while trying to coax it around Monaco is a challenge that even the best can struggle with.

Benetton 194

Are we bias? Maybe. New for F1 2020, the 1994 Benetton that saw Schumacher win his first title is also a brilliant little car to drive.

F1 2021 94 benetton
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YOU ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR FIRST: The 1994 Benetton is a special machine

A car you need to tussle with to get around the slow corners, the 194 is just a superb little machine.

McLaren MP4/4

The skill required to extract the most from this car is remarkable. Codemasters does a terrific job at making you wrestle with it just like Ayrton Senna did.

f1 2021 mclaren 1988
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GO FOR THE GAP: You feel like a true racer in this car

The MP4/4 is a satisfying challenge to drive, and when you hook up a lap it's like nothing else.

Those were our favourites, what were yours?

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