F1 2021 Handling: How to master the new gameplay

F1 2021 is finally here, with the Deluxe Edition unlocking earlier this week. However, Codemasters has made some big changes to the game so the F1 2021 handling is catching a lot of players out.

We are here to solve all your problems and give you the tips you need to master the new game.

Add rear wing, and then add some more!

Codemasters has altered their handling and physics in line with the real Formula 1 cars. There is overall a reduction in downforce this year, and that is mirrored in the cars we get to drive in the game.

F1 2021 Haas Williams
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BE CAREFUL: With floor & sidepod damage now added wheel-to-wheel racing is far more risky

As a result, you'll need to start raising wing angles rather drastically to keep the car planted through mid-and-high speed corners. As you can see from our Spain setup the ideal wing angles are rather higher than last year.

While this will keep the rear fixed to the track, it doesn't mean you can just go diving flatout around the same corners. Spain's turn 9 and Copse corner in particular are corners where a lift is now required.


The front end of the 2021 cars is also less planted than in previous years. This means you'll get plenty of understeer throughout the corner.

Trail braking is especially crucial this year. That is slowly and precisely releasing the brake pedal through the braking zone and up until the apex of the corner.

It's the best way to combat the understeer in corner entry without compromising on setup, so get your left foot or left trigger finger well-trained in gradually releasing!

When it comes to the corner exit, patience is key. Getting on the throttle at the same point as in F1 2020 will likely see the car push wide and off the track.


While the jump from F1 2019 to 20 was pretty small, this year the jump is enormous. Don't expect to get straight back onto your PB times from the previous game. Practice and patience are absolutely essential.

F1 2021 RBR stop
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IN AND OUT: There is no substitute for putting the laps in

Use Time Trial as your practice ground to get a feel for how the cars behave and where you can start getting on the throttle. Kerbs this year can be especially vicious, so finding where the limit is on those tricky corners is crucial to extracting a little more performance from your corners.

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