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F1 2021: How to change Braking Point difficulty

F1 2021 is now here for the masses, and fans everywhere are getting their first taste of the incredible new title from Codemasters.

One such excitement for fans is having a go at Braking Point. The mode has received a number of exciting additions, including new characters.

So, if you're just jumping into the mode now and you're struggling a bit, here's how to change your difficulty!

Braking Point

First of all, you'll have to actually be playing Braking Point in the first place, although this kind of goes without saying.

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BRAKING POINT: It's not easily missed!

To do so, simply start up the game, and Braking Point should be in the middle of your home page. It's kind of hard to miss in all honesty!

Next, you'll want to get started with your story, select your team, and start making your way through the first events which ease you into the narrative.

Changing the difficulty

One element of changing the difficulty which may throw some of you off is when you have to do so. You can't change it whilst between races!

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That's right, you have to pause mid-race in order to change the difficulty.

However, once you have hit pause, it's a relatively easy scroll over to the Brakin Point settings tab, and from there you should see the option to change it.

Ready to race!

Once you have done so, your event will be restarted, so make sure you definitely want to change that difficult you've selected initially!

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With the event running again, the AI should be at a lower difficulty (or higher if it was too easy). This should make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

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