F1 2021 Italy Setup: Monza setup, Career Mode, My Team, race setup & more

F1 2021 has been exciting fans everywhere since its release with new challenges and fresh opportunities for racing glory.

It's not an easy game though, as new handling models from last year have changed the way the car behaves and how you should setup the car.

So how can you get the most out of your race in front of the Tifosi?


F1 2021 Italy setup

Monza has always been about stripping the wings off to maximise the long straights and just survive the rest of the lap.


F1 2021's lower downforce makes it much harder to get through the Lesmos or Parabolica with a super-skinny rear wing.


Yep that's right, we've gone with much higher wings than you would think!

F1 2021 Italy setup aerodynamics
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The 4-7 setting might be a surprise, but given the long radius of Parabolica, the fast sweeps of the Lesmos, and the always-tricky Ascari exit it's necessary.

Reduce it as you get comfortable, but be ready to carry less speed through the major corners.


With so many traction zones we need to get good performance out of the rear tyres without killing them too quickly.

F1 2021 Italy setup transmission
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We've gone with 70% on-throttle differential to provide good push out of the corners.

55% off-throttle will allow for good rotation going into the corners too.

Suspension Geometry

Suspension geometry is pretty standard here.

F1 2021 Italy setup suspension geometry
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We've gone for fully right on the front camber and fully left on the rear camber.

Front toe gets a click at 0.06, while rear toe is fully left.


We can create a lot of different things with the suspension, which is why its the most personal part of the setup.

F1 2021 Italy suspension
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We get ourselves a lot of stability and predictable rotation here with 1-5 on the suspension and 1-7 in the anti-roll bars.

Ride height is set to 2-7. This gives some space to ride kerbs and allows that rear wing the space to push the car down without bottoming out.


We need a lot of stopping power for Monza.

F1 2021 Italy setup brakes
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We've set the brake pressure to 100% and the brake bias to 56%. This will give you the shortest stopping distance possible into the two chicanes, giving you great chances to make an overtake.


Tyres are set to a pretty normal level for F1 2021.

F1 2021 Italy setup tyres
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The fronts are set to 21.8psi and the rears are 22.7psi. This won't overheat them and gets good performance from the Pirelli P-Zeros.

We are continually testing and updating our setups so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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