F1 2021 Italy Wet Setup: Monza setup, Career Mode, My Team & more

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Monza may be the Temple of Speed, but when the rain falls chaos can ensue. That goes for the F1 2021 game too.

With such a focus on straight line speed, wet weather will see the unprepared go flying off at Parabolica and the Lesmos.

Fortunately, we've been testing out wet running in front of the Tifosi and have the ideal setup.

F1 2021 Italy wet setup

Monza is all about straight line speed until the rain comes down. Low wing, ultra-speed setups will have you flying off into the barriers in wet conditions.

That's why keeping an eye on the weather forecasts is so crucial at Monza, as is this setup...


F1 2021 italy wet setup aero
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These 6-9 wings aren't as huge as they could be, so do be careful at first through the Lesmos and Parabolica, but you will still be able to hit mad speeds down the straights and make some overtakes.


This part of the setup defines how power goes through the rear wheels and into the tarmac.

F1 2021 italy wet setup transmission
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We've gone with 50% on-throttle and 50% off-throttle differentials.

This will help keep the rear tyres alive through a stint as well as let you keep the throttle on through the longer corners without understeering your way into trouble.

Suspension Geometry

This part of the setup establishes how the wheels are aligned with the body of the car.

F1 2021 italy wet setup suspension geometry
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We've pushed the front camber all the way right with the rear camber all the way left.

Front toe is set to 0.09 for more turn-in performance and the rear toe is 0.26 for extra stability on the back end.


This is one of the most personal parts of the setup, as you can create a lot of understeer or oversteer with your suspension settings and how they interact with your driving style.

F1 2021 italy wet setup suspension
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We've gone with 6-4 suspension and 6-3 anti-roll bars. This will keep the front end responsive through the chicanes and let the rear rotate with you.

Ride height is set to 3-5 which will help keep you competitive down the straights.


You will get a lot of lockups in the wet.

F1 2021 italy wet setup brakes
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As a result we've gone with 90% brake pressure and 58% brake bias. It will make you a little less competitive in the heavy braking zones, but save your tyres and keep you on the track.


F1 2021 italy wet setup tyres
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For tyres we've gone with 23.0psi on the fronts and 23.1psi on the rears. The higher pressures will give you a bit more performance and stability.

We are continually testing and updating our setups so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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