F1 2021 Japan Setup: Suzuka setup, Career Mode, My Team, Online & more

F1 2021 is posing quite the challenge for players.

With its new handling model it has been a tricky period of adjustment for many veteran players regardless of using a pad or wheel. Because of that setups have changed radically this year.


F1 2021 Japan setup

Suzuka is often called a true driver's circuit. The flowing ribbon of tarmac doesn't let up throughout the lap, with famous corner after famous corner.

The challenge of the Esses, the Degners, and of course Spoon requires the right setup otherwise you'll be flying off the track.


With so many corners and so few straights, Suzuka is a circuit you need to put plenty of wing angle on for.

F1 2021 Japan setup aero
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We've gone with 6-10 here. This will keep the car absolutely planted through the Esses and those tricky long corners. It will also keep it pretty competitive down the pit straight and through 130R.


This part of the setup defines how power goes through the rear wheels and into the track.

F1 2021 Japan setup transmission
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We've gone with 80% on-throttle differential to give you great traction out of the handful of slow-speed corners. The 60% off-throttle won't harm rotation too much as we go into the tighter corners.

Suspension Geometry

This establishes how the wheels are aligned with the body of the car.

F1 2021 Japan setup suspension geometry
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We’ve gone with full right on the front camber and full left on the rear camber.

Front toe gets a click to 0.06, with rear toe set fully left.


This is the most personal part of the car setup, as it can create a lot of oversteer or understeer in the car.

F1 2021 Japan setup suspension
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We've used 3-3 on the suspension and 1-4 on the anti-roll bars. These softer settings will stop the tyres from overheating and dying on you through the Esses or Spoon.

Ride height is set to 3-7 to let you ride some of the kerbs, but just be careful with taking too much as they can be vicious around Suzuka.


Braking around Suzuka is more about small daps than big stops.

F1 2021 Japan setup brakes
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We've gone with 95% brake pressure and 56% brake bias. This should keep you competitive into the final chicane and stop you over-braking into the mid-speed corners.


Suzuka needs some special tyre performance.

F1 2021 Japan setup tyres
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We've gone with 24.6psi on the fronts and 23.5psi on the rears. This is rather aggressive but the softer suspension will protect the tyres, allowing us to up the pressure and get some more performance that way.

We are continually testing and updating our setups so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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