F1 2021: Jarno Opmeer reveals best settings

With F1 2021 now hitting the shelves, and many people getting hands-on with the title, it's time to start perfecting those settings.

Settings can make a huge difference for players who are looking to fine-tune their racing experience, and really crunch down on those lap times.

So, let's take a look at Jarno Opmeer's in-game settings now!


Naturally, one of the easiest places to start with settings is the assists.


If you're really looking to compete and go for some fast laps, you'll need to be driving with assists off.

This will give you complete control over the car, and should allow you to perfect your driving style and squeeze every tenth out when needed.


As Jarno says, this is where F1 game veterans will notice the biggest difference. This is due to Codemasters changing the way in which the camera angle is calculated.

F1 2021 start
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Before the angle was done using degrees. Now, the number just appears arbitrary and conveys how 'low' or 'high' you want it to be. Jarno uses -20 for his camera angle.

He is also using TV Pod as his base, with Field of View changed to -10. Offset Horizontal is set to 5 and Offset Vertical to 15.

Finally, the mirror angle has also been adjusted to -20 to match the camera angle. Camera shake and movement are both set to 0.

Force Feedback

The biggest thing to bear in mind here is that each setup is unique, and will be best managed by testing your specific wheel and pedals and finding what is best. However, for those looking for somewhere to start, here are Jarno's FFB settings!

Vibration and Force Feedback are on with strength set to 46 (this setting will differ, as Jarno's Simucube Ultimate has 32Nm of power!)

All the Effects are turned to 0, with Wheel Damper on 4 and Understeer Enhance turned on as well.

For those with a Logitech, Thrustmaster, or lower-grade Fanatec wheel, be sure to put your FFB strength significantly higher. This is due to the strength of the wheel, as lower quality wheels that many of us own are much weaker.

Graphics Settings

Jarno plays with Motion Blur off completely, which should help your in-game frames and controller/wheel input. It is also a lot less distracting!

Williams f1 2021
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He also uses steering animation on, but you can turn this off if it proves distracting.

Finally, and very specifically to everyone's setup, make sure your graphics settings are optimised. You'll want the perfect blend of high frame rates and visual fidelity!

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