F1 2021 Jeddah Setup: Saudi Arabia Setup, My Team, Career Mode, Time Trial & more

The final new track of F1 2021 has arrived at long last.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix promises to be the fastest "street" circuit on the calendar, making Jeddah a remarkable challenge for driver and car alike.

Here's the setup you need to get around in one piece!


F1 2021 Jeddah Setup

The new track hasn't even been raced on yet, giving F1 players a rare chance to be first out on track around a Formula 1 circuit.

Jeddah track map
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With a lot of fast, flowing corners and very close barriers it's a thrill ride of a track, even if overtaking looks like it will be tricky.

With all those mid-high speed corners downforce is going to be a must, along with carrying momentum throughout the lap.


We start with the wing levels. We need to be glued to the road, but not by so much that it slows us down the straight.

F1 2021 jeddah setup aerodynamics
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We've gone with 6-10 wings for this setup. It will keep the car ultra-stable (in combination with our suspension setup) through the fast flicks and sweeps.

If you are confident with a looser rear end then you can drop the rear wing to 9.


This part of the setup determines how the power is pushed through the rear wheels.

F1 2021 jeddah setup transmission
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We have gone with 80% on-throttle differential and 55% off-throttle.

This should give good traction out of the slower corners without burning out your rear tyres. The off-throttle setting will give you good rotation in the corners.

Suspension Geometry

This part of the setup dictates how the wheels are aligned to the body of the car.

F1 2021 jeddah setup sus geo
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We haven't deviated from the usual here. It's -2.50 on the front camber and -2.00 on the rear.

Front toe has been given a click to 0.06, we find this helps a little on cornering.

Rear toe is set to 0.20.


This is one of the most personal parts of the setup as it can create a lot of understeer or oversteer depending on what suits your driving style.

F1 2021 jeddah setup suspension
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We have a suspension setup of 3-5 and anti-roll bar of 3-6. This provides good rotation without making the rear too loose.

If you can control a wild rear end then loosen up the front suspension and anti-roll bar by a click, but be warned that it will snap hard!

Ride height is set to 2-7 which will keep you competitive in a straight line and gripped up through the corners.


There isn't too much subtle braking going on here so we can be quite aggressive.

F1 2021 jeddah setup brakes
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Brake pressure is set to the max of 100% with the bias pushed all the way back to 50%.

This provides maximum stopping power for the handful of overtaking chances and you shouldn't be locking up too much. If you find you are catching a brake with this setup just click the brake bias forward.


This track is surprisingly kind to tyres, so we can go aggressive.

F1 2021 jeddah setup tyres
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We have maxed out the pressure on each wheel, going for 25.0psi on the front tyres and 23.5psi on the rears.

If you do find yourself overheating this is likely to be because you are sliding through the corners too much. If you can't adjust style then just take some pressure out of the tyres.

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