F1 2021 LEAKS: In-game images revealed by Alpine!?

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The Formula 1 season started with a bang in Bahrain, and now it looks like details of the F1 2021 game have reportedly leaked out.

Let's take a look at them!


Latest news - Alpine reveal F1 2021 screenshots

In a tweet detailing their 2021 esports activities, F1 team Alpine has seemingly given us the first glimpse of F1 2021.

Alpine F1 2021
IS IT REAL!?: The quality of this image makes it hard to tell it's a game!

The Alpine livery around Circuit Paul Ricard, along with the "C 2021 Codemasters" in the corner means this is our first look at the new game. And if this is Photo Mode then what a joy it will be to play around with!

F1 2021 leaks

The reported leak comes from the Microsoft Store and was shared on Reddit (where else).

A few things are as you would expect, but there are some points that certainly get the blood pumping and the hype building for the new game.


Story mode

The images shared on Reddit show a "thrilling new story experience" called Braking Point.

Details are obviously lacking here. It could include the return of Lukas Weber and Devon Butler, or it could have some new characters and frenemies to compete against. Maybe we have to make a miraculous recovery from mechanica failure or injury?

devon butler f1 2019 return
DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK: Could the hated Butler be back for more?

Its worth bearing in mind that none of this is confirmed or denied by Codemasters yet.

two-player career mode

Players have wanted this feature for a while now, and according to this leak the feature will be in F1 2021.


Whether this is an online career you can do with a friend or a split-screen one who knows, hopefully its both!

My Team returns

As you would expect, the leaks say My Team will return, giving you the rags to riches journey of an 11th team on the grid.

There is supposedly also expanded Driver Stats for F1 2021, including 'Focus'.

You can see the full leak below:

f1 2021 leak reddit description
From Reddit

F1 2021 release date

The release date of the game was not part of these leaks.


However, we expect F1 2021 to release around late June/early July.

This is the window Codemasters has been using for the last few years, and bar any unexpected delays this should be when we get the new game.