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F1 2021 Monaco Wet Setup: Monaco Setup, career mode, My Team, & more!

Monaco is a true icon of the F1 world, even if the races there do turn into long, expensive car trains. However, rain can really spice up the race.

It doesn't happen often in real life, but we're finding it happens more often in F1 2021.

So, here's a wet setup that you can use to ensure you get some good lap times around the principality's circuit!


The aero setup once again is vitally important to ensure you get as much grip as you need in the wet conditions.

Monaco Wet Aero
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As such, we've gone with maxed-out wings, so 11 on the front and 11 on the rear.


The transmission setup on such a tight circuit differs from most other wet setups. This is to ensure you can rotate the car around the many twists and turns of the track.

Monaco Wet Trans
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We've got an on-throttle diff of 85% and an off-throttle diff of 54%.

Suspension Geometry

We've tailored our suspension geometry setup to guarantee as much of a balance between cornering speed and straight-line speed as possible.

Monaco Wet Sus Geo
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The front camber is at -2.50 and the rear is at -1.50, whilst the toe is at 0.08 on the front and 0.20 on the rear.


The suspension setup is built around the tight nature of the track, whilst ensuring grip in the wet conditions.

Monaco Wet Sus
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The front suspension is at 1 and the rear is at 2. The anti-roll bars are on 5 at the front and 1 on the rear.

Finally, the front ride height is at 1 and the rear ride height is at 6.


The brake pressure is at 100%. This is to ensure you're stopping in time due to the harsh braking zones.

Monaco Wet Brakes
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Likewise, the brake bias is at 54%, so as much of the braking as possible should be shared amongst each of the wheels.


For the final part of the setup, the tyres have been built with a mixture of longevity and pace in mind.

Monaco Wet Tyres
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The front tyres are at 23.0psi and the rear tyres are at 21.9psi.

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