F1 2021 My Team save corrupted: How to save your save!

F1 2021 has finally launched for those that got the Deluxe Edition, and while the game is terrific it hasn't been without its issues.

One such issue has been the unfortunate corruption of My Team saves.

F1 2021 My Team save

A few bugs have cropped up with F1 2021, as you would expect with such a massive game. One of the more unfortunate ones is the corruption of My Team saves.

Right now this issue seems to be limited to PC players. It was first bought to our attention by Tom Martinez, aka Tom97HD, a content creator who unfortunately lost his My Team save to this issue.

tom97hd tweet
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Codemasters is aware of the issue, with several reports coming in on their forum.

Their recommendation to avoid this issue is to not edit the car livery colours in the Team HQ. That appears to be what is corrupting saves.

Codemasters is hard at work with a fix for it, which will hopefully arrive before the official release date of the game, which is 16 July.

If you run into any bugs or issues with F1 2021 be sure to report them on the Codemasters Forum!

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