F1 2021 My Team: Icons announced, what could the future hold for the game mode?

The clock is ticking to F1 2021, and Codemasters has finally lifted the hood on the new game.

Last year saw the introduction of My Team. A driver-manager mode where you took charge of an 11th team in the F1 paddock. Asking you to pick engine supplier, sponsors, and even your own teammate all while balancing a budget and driving progress both in traditional R&D and in factory development it was a ground-breaking mode that was wildly popular.

It’s back for F1 2021, but what’s new? Let’s take a look!

Latest News – Full game review

We’ve now had the opportunity to experience everything that F1 2021 has to offer early, and have put together this comprehensive review.


From improved graphics, new features, a streamlined HUD, and drama on and off the track in Braking Point, the latest game really does have it all!

New R&D process

Much like Career Mode, My Team will benefit from a new R&D system. Gone is the “skills tree” look of previous years.

F1 2021 RD Powertrain
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FRESH LOOK: A new style of R&D will give you a challenge

While the similar “2/23” tracking remains for departments, it is presented differently. A current/potential/competition development tracker shows you just how far you have to go to catch up and maximise the car.

Department Events

Codemasters is diving even deeper into the running of a team this year.

A new part of My Team is Department Events. No, these aren’t Friday night drinks at the bar, they are day-to-day tasks and decisions that need to be made around the smooth running of the team.


From new software needed to get the best out of your simulator to fabrication updates, you are going to have to decide where to spend your money far more carefully in F1 2021. Neglecting one department can have a knock-on effect elsewhere in the team.

New driver statistic

Codemasters added driver stats last year, and you could train up your teammate using the simulator and off-track events to get their racecraft, experience, pace, and awareness up.

Now they’ve added another stat – Focus.

f1 2021 multi bahrain
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CATCHING UP: Get your team to the front of the grid

This one is impacted by what you do. From press answers to the on-track performance of the car to how you handle those Department Events and run the team. Focus is basically how close to peak performance the driver can get. A high focus will let them use that racecraft and pace effectively, while low focus basically means they are distracted and not fully committed to their on-track performance.

F1 2021 release date

The official Formula 1 game will arrive on 16 July.

Players can gain early access to F1 2021 with the Deluxe Edition, which will let you go racing from 13 July, as well as provide players with seven historic drivers, dubbed Icons, to use in My Team.

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