F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 1: New liveries, helmets, gloves, radio calls, and more

F1 2021 hasn't been out long, but there's already been some post-release content for gamers to unbox. Podium Pass is the official Formula 1 game's bonus content service and Series 1 has just gone live. Some exclusive items have become available already, so let's dive into what's included.

Lightning Stripe

F1 2021 Podium pass lightning stripe
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DANGER DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE: This new livery is definitely eye-catching

The first of four sets of items is the lightning strike. This is a predominantly blue colour scheme but also has yellow crosshatch streaks torn out of it. It looks as though a big claw has torn away at a blue exterior to reveal the snakeskin below.

The "Shock" helmet and "Contours" racing suit and gloves go very well with this one.


Next up, we have the frostfire livery set. Included with the livery is the "Disruption’ helmet and the ‘Ceres’ suit and gloves. If you squint, this could pass for an old Williams livery, but either way, it is beautiful. The predominantly white colour scheme transitions to blue at the rear, with white and red streaks that almost act as "go faster" stripes.

F1 2021 Podium pass frost fire
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RETRO: There's something so easy on the eye about this livery


If you're wanting to reach for the stars with your team in My Team, the Intergalatic collection is what you need to equip. There's a livery, gloves, helmet and racing suit all kitted out in this design. Some might thing this is a bit garish, but you'll definitely stand out on the grid.

Plus, there are no purple teams in F1, so now's a better time than ever to brighten it up.

F1 2021 Podium pass intergalactic
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OUT OF THIS WORLD: Prepare to hit warp speed with this livery

Colour code

At first glance, this might look like Williams' current livery, but it's even better. This is absolute eye-candy, the colour code livery is beautiful and available now. It's paired up with the ‘Vapor’ helmet and the ‘Scanline’ suit and gloves in the image below:

F1 2021 Podium pass colour code
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EASY ON THE EYE: We love this understated colour scheme, it's sublime

Radio calls

Brand-new to F1 2021 are victory radio calls, so you can celebrate in style when you see the chequered flag first. There are a lot of calls that are on offer in Series 1, but the ones highlights on EA's site include “not bad for a number two driver”, “shoeys all round!” and “anyone want to go again?”.

Each series of Podium pass lasts for eight weeks, so Series 2 of Podium Pass will begin on 9th September.

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