F1 2021 Russia Setup: Sochi setup, Career Mode, My Team, & more

F1 2021 has landed and is giving racers the chance to become Formula 1 World Champion.

To do so though, you'll need to be picking up points consistently at every race, which means you need a good setup for each Grand Prix!

F1 2021 Russia setup

Sochi is a much-maligned track, and for good reason as it's endless 90-degree corners and lack of overtaking opportunities make it a pretty dull affair in the F1 season.

However, in the F1 games it is a good challenge of car control and consistency, with overtaking a little more easy in the game you can have some absolute bangers around the Sochi Autodrom.


Russia is all about maximising straight line speed to make those overtakes while also retaining enough wing to keep yourself stable and consistent in the rest of the lap.

F1 2021 Russia setup Aerodynamics
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We've gone with 6-8 wings for this one. It will keep the front end biting on turn-in and the rear stable through some of the longer corners.


This part of the setting determines how the power gets put through the rear wheels.

F1 2021 russia setup transmission
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To give us some added performance out of the slow corners (and the final corner especially) we've gone with 80% on-throttle differential. This should aid those overtaking chances and give you a good qualifying pace too.

Off throttle is set to 55% to maintain good rotation in the car.

Suspension Geometry

This part of the setup defines how the wheels are aligned with the body of the car.

F1 2021 russia setup suspension geometry
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We've gone with full right on the front camber and full left on the rear camber.

Front toe gets a click to 0.06, with rear toe set fully left.


This is the most personal part of the car setup, as it can create a lot of oversteer or understeer in the car.

F1 2021 russia setup suspension
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We've gone with 1-5 for the suspension and 2-6 for the anti-roll bars. This creates a responsive and consistent rotation through the corners without the backend ever stepping out of line. If you are finding it tricky to control then bring stiffen up the front values by 1 and try again.

Ride height is set to 2-7 so that we can take some kerb on our lap and so that the big rear wing doesn't push the car into the tarmac too much, which would stall out the aerodynamics on the floor and cause a lot of problems.


You need some confidence on the brakes to make the most of Sochi.

F1 2021 Russia setup brakes
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We've gone with 100% brake pressure and 57% brake bias. This will make you competitive in the big stopping zones but minimize the risk of rear locking, which will quickly throw you into the barrier.


Tyre pressures are quite different in F1 2021 than they were last year.

F1 2021 Russia setup tyres
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We've set the front tyres to 21.8psi and the rears to 23.5psi. This will give you consistent grip through the corners and good performance from the rear of the car.

We are continually testing and updating our setups so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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