It's time to add more alternate layouts to the Formula 1 game

F1 2021 is fast approaching, and with it a trio of new tracks as post-release content.

That means Codemasters' next game will have more tracks than any previous title. It will have the "original" 2021 calendar, with Canada & China included even though Formula 1 won't be racing those tracks this year, and the new ones in Imola, Portimao, and Jeddah.

But it is also likely to have a trio of "short" circuits just like previous releases. But, why stop there?

Why do we even have short circuits?

Bahrain, Japan, USA, and Great Britain all have "short" layouts in the Formula 1 games. This is a kind of weird addition since the F1 series obviously doesn't do short tracks and the F1 game is pretty strict about only adding tracks that the championship actually uses.

f1 2020 short circuit
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Their existence in the game seems to be for the use of historic cars. A lot of the cars from the 70s are far too slow to make for compelling racing on a lot of the modern circuits, so the short versions are used for those career mode "invitational" events that let you go race in some of the old cars.

But we've had the same short options forever. Why not spice it up?

Additional layouts are needed

While some circuits are cut out of the landscape and don't have existing short/alternate layouts, there are plenty that do.

Spain not only has the old sweeping final section that fans long to see used again, but also a shortcut that trims off the first 5 corners. Likewise, Silverstone has an old layout using Bridge corner that F1 fans would LOVE to see return.

Then there are the 200+ options at Le Castellet, at least one of which has to provide good racing! And of course the alternate options at Yas Marina that could open up that track.

f1 2020 game
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These alterations only require a tiny bit of input compared to developing a new track, and would offer huge amounts of playability for racers.

It would take the game to another level when it comes to longevity and remaining fresh. No longer would we need to sweat thousands of laps on Monza and Austria to get good races. Spain could provide entertainment, Silverstone a variety of challenges, and while there is no saving Singapore or Monaco it would give players many more options over the course of the year.

At the least, let's get Spain short or Bahrain Outer into the game in place of the usual four short versions. That would be a reasonable compromise, right?

F1 2021 release date

Codemasters' next title has an official release date of 16 July.

Fans can get their hands on F1 2021 a little early though, as the Deluxe Edition comes with three days early access!

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