F1 22 Career Mode: Big changes coming to how you race!

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We are closing in on the start of another journey to the top thanks to F1 22 Career Mode.

The Formula 1 game series is the shining star of single-player sports gaming. Codemasters has refined their Career Mode offering over the years to a superb experience.

So the question is, what will Career Mode look like in F1 22?

We finally have a few key pieces of information about it! Let’s dive in.

Latest news – F1 22 gameplay

We’ve had the chance to blast around a few tracks in a preview build of F1 22.

While this doesn’t represent the final gameplay and test out the new cars! This first look is very promising indeed. Have a look!

F1 22 Career Mode

With such a refined and successful mode, Codemasters has a tough time keeping Career Mode feeling fresh.

Last year we got a reworked R&D system, obscuring the development paths where before there was a clear tree to build through.

So what is coming this year?

Well, with focus on a new generation of F1 cars, F1 Life, and even the upcoming inclusion of crossplay, it feels like Career Mode is not a priority this year.

Practice programmes

Practice is a huge part of a race weekend, and now Career Mode will be making use of that time.

A new Augmented Reality (AR) element will be projected onto the track surface to help players at every skill level find time and consistency at the circuit.

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This will be a welcome addition as the new generation of cars means that braking points and entry angles could well be a little different in F1 22!

Adaptive AI

A new AI system is coming for F1 22 Career Mode. Dubbed “Adaptive AI”, this will aid accessibility to the game and potentially a new layer of intensity to races.

It allows the AI to race closer with the player, encouraging wheel-to-wheel action through the race. It will slow down or speed up the AI to the right level for the driver and provide them with the opportunity to make overtakes and defend their position, not just lap around by themselves.

Goodbye Jeff

After more than 10 years of the same voice in our ear, the trusty race engineer Jeff is hanging up his headset.

Jeff is being replaced by Marc Priestley, aka F1 Elvis. Marc is a former race engineer for McLaren, and recorded all his lines for the game on a real F1 headset, improving the level of authenticity when you are racing.

Broadcast refresh

Immersion is a key part of F1’s Career Mode, and Codemasters has taken things up a notch this year.

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The pre-race presentation has been bought more in-line with what you will be familiar with on a race weekend. While there are new podium celebrations and scenes, as well as more realistic parc-ferme interactions after the race.

Race day refined

For those looking to take things up another notch, there are two new methods for getting a sense of realism into the game.

The first is the ability to choose how you line up in your grid slot. If you select “immersive formation lap” you can drive all the way into your box and choose where to point your car. Will you go defensive and point to the defend from the car next to you? Or get aggressive with forcing your way to the racing line for turn 1?

This immersion carries over into your pitstops too. Now you can turn into your pitbox. Turn too late or early and the stop will take longer. Get it right and your crew can execute the stop with the utmost precision.

You can choose not to interact with these new features and continue to do formation laps and pitstops like F1 2021, but the choice is there for players now.

There is also a choice with the safety car. You can now opt for a broadcast-style safety car experience, which takes you out of the car and will speed up the process of the safety car process so you don’t have to spend time driving around behind it.

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