F1 2022 Game: Leaks suggest crossplay finally coming

The new Formula 1 season kicks off later this month, which has us turning our eyes to Codemasters and F1 2022.

With the most recent Codies title, GRID Legends, and EA's flagship title FIFA 22 getting crossplay it's only natural that our thoughts turn to the community-connecting feature coming to F1.

One leaker suggests this could finally be the year that barriers are broken down between platforms.Table of Contents

Crossplay will reportedly feature in F1 2022

Reliable EA leaker Tom Henderson, writing on Xfire, has stated that F1 2022 will feature crossplay.

Crossplay would connect the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC versions of the game. It would potentially radically change the way online leagues and competitions are run.

It's no secret that the F1 games have been some of the best racing games over the past few years. Codies continually improve and develop their winning formula, always introducing new features. Something that has seemingly missed them by so far though is Crossplay.

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INCREASING THE POOL: Crossplay would open up a lot of opportunities for players on different consoles

We've often wondered if Crossplay will ever come to the Formula 1 games and we haven't had a concrete answer yet. F1 game developer Lee Mather has stated that this is something that Codies "are working on" when asked about it last year.

It's certainly possible that this feature could finally be arriving. However, there are some odd differences between PC and console, such as traction and overall performance. These would need to be ironed out before crossplay arrives.

What seems less feasible is the rest of Henderson's report...

Super cars in an F1 game?

Codemasters has plenty of experience across the racing genre, not just in F1. But Henderson suggests that the ability to buy, drive, and race supercars will enter the game as part of a "F1 Life" mode that will introduce a more behind-the-scenes look at the lives of F1 drivers.

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MORE TOYS FOR THE BOYS: Podium Pass makes more content available to players

This sounds more like The Sims (another EA franchise) than Formula 1, but apparently players will be able to buy watches and sunglasses too.

It sounds bizarre, but given how well Codemasters has integrated F2 cars and recently a story mode, we aren't going to doubt their ability to turn it into a fun and interesting wrinkle as part of F1 2022.

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