F1 22 Abu Dhabi Wet Setup: My Team, Career Mode, Online & more

F1 22 Abu Dhabi wet setup

F1 22 Abu Dhabi wet setup

Rain is very rare in Abu Dhabi, but it's always possible in F1 22, so you'll need a good wet weather setup.

The Yas Marina Circuit has become the traditional send-off for Formula 1 at the end of the season. Abu Dhabi plays host to the only dusk race in F1, starting at sunset and ending in the night.

F1 22 Abu Dhabi wet setup

Abu Dhabi went through a big re-design before last year's controversial season finale. F1 22 brings the new layout for gamers to enjoy and it's a far more enjoyable experience.

So, with less chicanes and a more open final sector, downforce levels are lower than in previous games. We've got the full low-down for the new F1 game right here!



The wing angles aren't low for Abu Dhabi in the wet, as we've found success with around mid-range values.

F1 22 Abu Dhabi setup aerodynamics
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We've gone with 24-30 wings, as these keep the rear end planted and the front end responsive. You also don't lose much speed down the straights, as you'll remain competitive down both back-straights.



This transmission settings determine how the power is driven from the engine through the wheels. This is the case for when you're on and off the throttle.

F1 22 Abu Dhabi setup transmission
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We’ve gone for 95% on-throttle differential to give stability on corner exit out of slow turns and better overall traction on some of the trickier twistier sections.

The 60% off-throttle differential gives extra rotation on turn-in as you ease off the brakes, especially in the final sector.

Suspension geometry

The camber and toe angles of the suspension geometry should be optimised for maximum levels of grip in F1 22. This is at the cost of tyre wear, but the wets are so durable that this won't make a marked difference.

F1 22 Abu Dhabi setup suspension geometry
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So, our setup uses -2.50 for the front camber and -1.00 on the rear. The toe angles are also the lowest possible at 0.05 on the front and 0.20 on the rear.


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The suspension should be on the soft side for Abu Dhabi. This is despite the kerbs not being harsh at Yas Marina, but is also down to the fact that you'll be using them a lot.

F1 22 Abu Dhabi setup suspension
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The 6-1 suspension and 5-1 anti-roll bars provide a solid foundation for the car. This will produce a ride with a lot of turn-in performance, but won't produce a car that will surprise you in a negative way.

4-5 for the ride height keeps you fast on the straights but the rake gives you some extra performance through the longer corners in the first and final sectors.


With three long braking zones near the start of the lap, you need strong brakes in the UAE.

F1 22 Abu Dhabi setup brakes
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We’ve found that 95% brake pressure provides excellent stopping power and without locking up too much either. 54% brake bias provides a great balance between the front and rear axles as well.


The new larger tyres are harder to heat up than in previous years. However, that does mean you can raise the pressures up higher than before.

F1 22 Abu Dhabi setup tyres
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We've gone with 23.5 psi on the front tyres and 22.5 psi on the rears for Abu Dhabi. This keeps the tyres at optimum temperatures for most of the lap, while also not overheating the rubber in the corners.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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