F1 22 adds Halloween & Mexican-themed items

F1 22 has already seen a driver ratings update and the sports update this week, and now we are getting some specially themed items too.

The latest content drop includes some freebies as well as new shop items and some Podium Pass content.

Let's see what's on offer!

Spooky racing

As always around the holidays, EA is diving into the spirit of the times.

To celebrate Halloween F1 22 is giving all players a special Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat livery.

Quite what Alice in Wonderland has to do with Halloween we aren't sure, but free stuff is always nice!

The Grin livery will be sent to all players via the in-game messages and is redeemable between 31 October and 5 December.

Fans will also be able to purchase a Queen of Hearts-themed set, including livery, suit, gloves, and helmet in the Item Shop from 2-8 November.

F1 22 Queen Of Hearts
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Perhaps more interesting is a special Mexican celebration.

Dia de Muertos

With the Mexico City Grand Prix taking place this weekend and the iconic Day of the Dead festival next week, EA has added some Dia de Muertos-themed items as unlockable VIP content in the Podium Pass.

F1 22 Dia de Muertos
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This is a nice nod to the culture of a huge F1 audience and should be a good addition to players collection.

Driver ratings & Sports update

As we mentioned, this comes on the back of two other updates this week.

the Driver Ratings were given an update that included performances up to the end of the Japanese Grand Prix.

We saw Nicholas Latifi get a boost in his ratings thanks to finally scoring points, while somehow Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton lost ratings despite being in their best form of the season.

These ratings were determined in Codemasters' usual way, but also saw input from F1 commentators David Croft, Alex Jacques, and Anthony Davidson.

There was also the Sports Update which finally bought fixes to F1 22's car models, colouring, and liveries.

The Red Bull sidepod update and base colour were corrected. Aston Martin's sidepod overhaul that had been present since before the game was released was included too.

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