F1 22 Belgium Wet Setup: Spa Setup, My Team, Career Mode, & Online

F1 22 Belgian GP wet setup

F1 22 Belgian GP wet setup

Spa-Francorchamps is famous for its wet weather, so a good rain setup in F1 22 is absolutely vital to a positive race result.

Spa is a true fan-favourite, as it featurs some of the fastest and most challenging corners in all of racing.

F1 22 Belgium wet setup

The Belgian circuit is the longest on the Formula 1 calendar, markedly longer than the second lengthiest, Jeddah. Downforce is usually low to help the car fly up the long straights, but you do need downforce in the corners.



Normally the wing angles would be set low, but the rain necessitates you raising these up slightly.

F1 22 Belgium setup aerodynamics
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With that being said, you can still go as low as 15-20 for the aerodynamic settings. This makes Pouhon, Blanchimont and Eau Rouge relatively straightforward while also keeping the car fast up Kemmel.


The transmission dictates how the wheels on the car behave when on and off the throttle through corners and out of slow turns.

F1 22 Belgium setup transmission
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95% on-throttle differential means you have plenty of power to work with while also keeping the rears under control out of slow corners.

60% off-throttle differential helps create rotation in the car when flying through Pouhon and up Eau Rouge.

Suspension geometry

Despite the high-speed corners, you can pull off a one-stop around Spa in the wet without issue. This is because of the durable full wet Pirelli rubber, which won't overheat even with full contact patches.

F1 22 Belgium setup suspension geometry
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So, we've gone with the lowest possible camber and toe angles. -2.50 on the front camber and -1.00 on the rear is best, alongside 0.05 for front toe and 0.20 for the rear.


Suspension should be on the soft side for wet weather setups. That's definitely the case for Spa, as while you need a responsive setup, you also need one that won't surprise you in a negative way.

F1 22 Belgium setup suspension
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So, we've gone with 1-1 on the suspension and 2-5 for the anti-roll bar. This creates a very stable car that can live with the lack of downforce around Spa.

That's thanks to the rake we create with a 3-4 ride height. This will let you stay slippy down the straights and ride the kerbs without any trouble.


There are several lengthy braking zones around Spa, particularly those into the Bus Stop chicane and Les Combes. So, powerful brakes pay off here, but you need to avoid lock-ups as well.

F1 22 Belgium setup brakes
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We've gone with maximum stopping power thanks to the 97% brake pressure and 53% brake bias. If you find you are locking up too much then drop the pressure down.


The 18" Pirelli tyres are tricky to get used to, but not so bad around Spa. You'll be struggling to keep the temperatures in the tyres, so overheating them isn't an issue.

F1 22 Belgium setup tyres
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So, we turn the pressures way up for Spa, especially for the underworked rears. We've found that 23.5 psi for the fronts and 23.0 psi for the rears is ideal.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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