F1 22 Britain Wet Setup: Silverstone setup, Career Mode, My Team, Online & more

F1 22 Silverstone Britain wet setup

F1 22 Silverstone Britain wet setup

Silverstone is the home of British motorsport, which means having an F1 22 Britain wet setup is key!

The UK is no stranger to rain, so you need to have a good wet weather setup ready to go.

F1 22 Britain wet setup

With some of the fastest and best corners in the world, nailing the setup you need for Britain isn't easy. You need downforce for the high-speed corners, but also good straight-line speed for the straights.

Our dry setup shown in the video above gives you the settings you need to be quick around Silverstone in the sunshine.


While Stowe and Copse need strong aerodynamics to go around quickly, you'll also need to trim these down for the straights.

F1 22 Britain setup aerodynamics
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So, we've gone with 20-25 wing angles on the front/rear. If you're struggling to keep the car on the track though, feel free to turn these values up.


The transmission dictates how the power from the engine is driven through the wheels. In the wet, you need to have more grip, especially when you're getting back on the throttle.

F1 22 Britain setup transmission
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We've gone with 95% on-throttle differential to give more stability on the rear axle when getting your foot down out of the corners.

The 60% off-throttle differential makes extra rotation on turn-in through the corners.

Suspension geometry

Like always, you need to ensure you have as much mechanical grip as possible for the wet. This can be achieved by having the lowest possible camber and toe angles, to increase the contact patches of the wheels.

F1 22 Britain setup suspension geometry
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That means -2.50 and -1.00 on the cambers with 0.05 and 0.20 on the toes is the best option here.


While you shouldn't be using the kerbs too much around Silverstone, you will need to able to ride them when you do so. So, soft suspension of 1-1 will keep your ride smooth throughout.

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F1 22 Britain setup suspension
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2-2 on the anti-roll bars doesn't help your car's responsiveness but it does mean that your car is stable.

Being a former RAF base, Silverstone is very flat, but you'll still need a 3-4 ride height to be fast and consistent.


There aren't many long braking zones around Silverstone, but you do need strong brakes here to help carry good speed through the corners.

F1 22 Britain setup brakes
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We've gone with 95% brake pressure and 54% brake bias towards the front to give you the most stopping power possible without locking up regularly.


The tyre pressures can be set high around Silverstone, especially in the wet. This is because of the long distances between braking zones and the high durability of the full wet tyres.

F1 22 Britain setup Tyres
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We've gone with 23.5 psi on the fronts and 23.0 psi on the rears. If you do suffer with overheating tyres because of this though, turn these pressures down a notch or two.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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