F1 22 early access LOCKED for Steam players

F1 22 should be unlocking around the world today for those that pre-ordered the Champions Edition.

However, for some the excitement of the day has been replaced with bitter disappointment.

Champions Edition still locked

While console players are diving into My Team and testing out the supercars in F1 Life, those PC players that ordered the game on Steam are unable to access it.

With the majority of PC players using Steam, this means that a huge chunk of the player base is not getting what they paid for.

Player reaction

The reaction from players has been unstandably harsh toward EA and Codemasters.

The Steam community hub has been flooded with messages.

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While the r/F1Game subreddit is full of anger and memes.

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Comments from EA and Codemasters suggest it is an issue to do with something in the Valve store, but players did notice this issue earlier. Seeing that despite ordering the Champions Edition their unlock date was still set to 1 July.

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Hopefully this issue can be resolved quickly and players can get their F1 22 experience started!

F1 22 review

We've been playing F1 22 and had the chance to review the new Codemasters title.

You can read our full review here.

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