F1 22 Miami Wet Setup: Online, Career Mode, My Team & more

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F1 22 Miami GP wet setup

Miami in the wet is a slippery challenge in F1 22 that you'll need a great setup for.

The only brand-new circuit in F1 22 is the Miami Grand Prix's Miami International Autodrome. This street circuit is a real challenge, especially when those tropical thunderstorms roll in to make the track wet.


So, with that in mind, here's our setup for when the heavens open in Florida!

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F1 22 Miami wet setup

The Miami circuit isn't an easy one. Many corners around here just don't suit Formula 1 cars, and are a real challenge to be quick around.

It's got some huge flat-out sections, but you also need a very stable rear-end to power out of slow corners and cling on through the fast sweepers.



The aerodynamic wing angles are tough to nail around Miami. You've got several long straights and flat-out zones, but also slow street circuit sections too.

F1 22 Miami GP wet setup

So, in the wet, your aero settings should be around middle of the road. We've opted for a front wing angle of 19 and 25 on the rear. This gives a good amount of downforce while also having good straight-line speed.


In the wet, your transmission should be more on the locked side to smooth the power curve of your car. This will reduce the overall grip available, but it will mean that you'll have more confidence in the car.

F1 22 Miami GP wet setup

So, we've gone for an on-throttle diff of 92% and an off-throttle of 60%. Have a play with these if you feel like you can handle a more aggressive setup, though.

Suspension Geometry

As usual in F1 22, you need peak mechanical grip to be quick around Miami. The wet weather tyres are extremely durable, so a one-stop is easy to pull off here.

F1 22 Miami GP wet setup

So, we've gone with the smallest camber and toe angles possible to increase the overall grip of the car. For the camber, we've gone with -2.50 on the front and -1.00 on the rear.

For the toe, we've opted for 0.05 on the front and 0.20 on the rear.


The suspension springs should be on the soft side, mainly due to harsh kerbs that you'll find in areas such as the Turn 14-15 chicane. So, we've gone with 3 and 4 for these settings.

F1 22 Miami GP wet setup

The anti-roll bar has to be slightly stiff to allow for better performance. The long sweepers in the first sector need a car which can change direction quickly. We've gone for 6-8, as this is the most you can have without the car becoming hard to predict.

Like Florida itself, the Miami Autodrome is very flat, so your ride heigh can be at the usual values of 3/4.



The brakes can be very powerful in F1 22. Despite the heightened risk of a lock-up in wet weather, you can set the brake pressure up at 95%. This will really come in handy for the two long stops at the end of the back-straights.

F1 22 Miami GP wet setup

The brake bias should also be 54% towards the front. This will allow for a great balance while braking, but feel free to change this to match your driving style.


Your tyre pressures should be set high, as tyre wear on the wets isn't an issue. You can easily do a one-stop if the rain stays heavy, so you don't need to worry about them wearing out.

F1 22 Miami GP wet setup

23.7 psi on the front and 23.0 psi on the rear are what we've found to be best, as these provide good grip while not overheating.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!