F1 22 Monaco Wet Setup: Career Mode, My Team, Online & more

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Monaco is the ultimate challenge in the wet in F1 22, but our setup guide will help you out in your quest for victory.

The toughest race on the F1 22 calendar is without a doubt Monaco. The Circuit de Monte Carlo has the tightest streets in racing, which only get even more difficult in the wet. This is our F1 22 wet setup for Monaco.

F1 22 Monaco wet setup

Monaco is all about qualifying, so your setup will be orientated more towards rapid one-lap pace than tyre saving.

Passing around monaco is nigh-on impossible in F1 22, just like real life. Getting a good starting position is so important for a good race, so our dry setup video above will get you off to a good start.



Downforce is everthing around Monaco and that's especially the case in the wet. There aren't any straights of note here, so straight line speed isn't a concern.

F1 22 Monaco setup aerodynamics
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We've gone with the full 50-50 wings for Monaco, just like we did in the dry.


Transmission sets your differential, which dictates the difference of the speed of the tyres' rotations. A more locked diff means more overall grip, but it also means the transition of power is more harsh.

F1 22 Monaco setup transmission
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We've gone with 95% for the on-throttle differential. This keeps the rear stable around the corner exits, something you have to have around a street circuit like this.

The 60% off-throttle differential allows a bit more rotation in the car under braking and a stable front end when turning before getting the power back on.

Suspension geometry

You'll need maximum mechanical grip around Monaco. The easiest way to achieve this is to turn the camber and toe angles to as low as they can go. Tyre wear isn't an issue, a one-stop is easy, especially on the wet weather compound.

F1 22 Monaco setup suspension geometry
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A front camber of -2.50 and rear camber of -1.00 is as low as you can go. The front toe of 0.05, and rear toe of 0.20 are also the lowest values you can get here.


The kerbs aren't harsh around Monaco, but you need to go with softest suspension settings possible (1-1). This is because, especially in the wet, you are liable to spin if you go over them.

F1 22 Monaco setup suspension
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1-5 for the anti-roll bar strikes a good balance between responsiveness and balance. The rear has to be more on the responsive side than the front though, because it has to stay planted while rounding corners like the Swimming Pool Chicane.

The 4-6 ride height will help a few things in Monaco. First of all, straight-line speed isn't an issue and the corners are relatively slow speed, by F1 standards. The higher ride height will help you over the kerbs and while going up the hill to the Casino.



Stopping power is crucial in Monaco. So, we've cranked the brake pressure up to 96%. If you're suffering from lock-ups though, feel free to take this down a notch or two.

F1 22 Monaco setup Brakes
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Brake bias is 52% as you need almost 50/50 balance here, but the fronts require a little more stopping power.


The tyre pressures need to be high in Monaco, especially in the wet. Tyre wear isn't an issue, you can do a one-stop without any issues.

F1 22 Monaco setup tyres
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So, we've gone with front pressures of 23.5 psi and 22.7 psi on the rear.

This creates a good level of front-end grip and rear traction without overly stressing the rubber and spiking temperatures, nor increasing wear.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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