F1 22 Singapore Wet Setup: Online, My Team, Career Mode & more

F1 22 Singapore wet setup

F1 22 Singapore wet setup

Driving in the wet in F1 22 at night is tough, especially around a circuit like Singapore, so you'll need a great rain setup.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit is incredibly difficult. So, setup is even more important than normal around here.

F1 22 Singapore setup

Overtaking is hard in Singapore, with only one real passing spot into Turn 7. Corner speeds are crucial to a good lap time, so your wing angles will need to be high.



Singapore is one of the few circuits where your wing angles need to be as high as possible. This is in the aim of maximum downforce, even if it does cost you straight line speed in the flat-out zones.

F1 22 Singapore setup aerodynamics
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Just like at Monaco, we've gone with 50-50 wings here. The rear of the car will be planted and your turn-in on corner entry will be unrivalled on the grid.


Formula 1 engines are incredibly powerful, so transmitting those horses onto the road is a tricky balance to strike.

F1 22 Singapore setup transmission
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We've opted for the maximum value of 100% on-throttle differential. This provides a very stable and predictable rear end on corner exit.

The 65% off-throttle differential gives you a lot of rotation into the corners, something you'll need to be quick.

Suspension geometry

With a low average speed around the circuit, tyre wear isn't an issue here. A one-stop race isn't hard to achieve, so the minimum possible camber and toe angles are ideal.

F1 22 Singapore setup suspension geometry
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So, for the cambers, we've gone with -2.50 on the front and -1.00 for the rear. For the toe, it's 0.05 and 0.20.


The suspension needs to be on the soft side to be fast around Marina Bay. The kerbs are harsh, and you should try to avoid them, but over a long race, you won't miss them throughout the entire race.

F1 22 Singapore setup suspension
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So, we've gone with 1-1 suspension springs, as this allows you to hop over the kerbs if you need to. 3-8 anti-roll bars give good rotation and a ride that doesn't snap on you when you're not ready.

The ride height should be set to 8-8, which is noticeably higher than normal. This lets you take more liberties with the kerbs, even if it does cost you overall lap time down the straights.


Your brakes take a beating around Singapore. This is because of the sheer number of braking zones and the lack of a long straight to cool them down.

F1 22 Singapore setup brakes
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We've gone with near the maximum of 96% brake pressure. 54% brake bias provides a good balance between the front and rear brakes.

If you find you are locking up too much with this configuration, drop the brake pressure by a few points.


The new Pirellis are harder to heat up in previous years. So, your pressures can be higher than in prior games.

F1 22 Singapore setup aerodynamics
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So, we've opted for 23.5 psi on the front and 23.0 psi on the rear for your tyre pressures.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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