F1 22 Update 1.06 Patch Notes: No AI speed fix, sector colours return

Codemasters' latest Formula 1 game has had a troubled first month, which is why the F1 22 Update 1.06 patch notes have been so highly anticipated.

The latest patch is rolling out across all platforms and while it corrects a lot of issues. The biggest one remains...

F1 22 Update 1.06 patch notes

Last week we called F1 22 single-player unplayable due to the straight line speed AI cars can achieve thanks to OP exits from slow corners.

Despite this issue being well-known and extremely frustrating to everyone in the community it has NOT been addressed in update 1.06.

CHAMP STRUGGLES: Even Jarno Opmeer is losing time to the AI on straights
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CHAMP STRUGGLES: Even Jarno Opmeer is losing time to the AI on straights

There is likely a good reason for this, such as it being exceptionally difficult to pinpoint the reason for it, or there may be several reasons meaning the fix is taking longer.

However, there is potentially another reason for the lack of fix in the patch.

Update 1.06 also brings a handling update to the game. This includes several boosts to driver traction in low gears and rpm. This could be the way Codemasters is combating the issue, and gives players a weapon in their arsenal. As well as some new challenges to understand!

Biggest fixes

So what has Update 1.06 corrected?

The biggest fixes come with the addition, or re-inclusion, of sector time indicators (red, green, purple) showing when you complete a lap.

ICE & MGU-H wear has also been reduced to an appropriate level for those using automatic gears.

The broadcast mode safety car glitch that caused AI cars to DSQ themselves has also been fixed, as have a few issues around Baku such as the exploding tecpro barriers.

Here are the full patch notes.


  • F1® 22 Vehicle Performance has been brought more in line with the real season. All F1® Time Trial leaderboards have been reset as a result of this change
  • ICE/MGU-H wear rate reduced to be less punishing while using automatic transmission
  • Sector Time indicators will now show the expected colours when completing a lap
  • Improved AI Logic at Pit Entry and Exit
  • Addressed an issue where tyre temperatures are reset after pausing the game in online game modes
  • Addressed an issue where, in some instances, ‘Broadcast’ Safety Car can cause all AI-controlled cars to overtake it, resulting in mass disqualifications
  • Resolved an issue where Personnel Facility upgrades are not applying to drivers
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  • Fixed an issue where track grip could reduc
  • e between qualifying sessions
  • Addressed an issue on Baku where the player could crash into Turn 15 on Baku when under AI control using flying lap
  • Addressed an issue with tecpro barriers coming loose on Baku
  • Colour for sponsors’ decals and badges can now be applied from a pre-set colour slot
  • Sponsor Decals & Personal Stickers are now visible on the car in replay
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Various minor fixes
  • Marc will now correctly mention icon drivers
  • Addressed an issue where the wrong graphics card could be chosen on game launch which could have resulted in a crash
  • Game will now correctly load when using Intel graphics cards (subject to minimum specs and models)
  • Adjusted networking session searching so that NM14 errors are less likely to occur
  • AI icon removed from the timing board during broadcast safety car
  • Corrected Kevin Magnussen’s eye colour
  • Collisions now correctly reported in UDP data

Two Player Career

  • Resolved an issue where, in some instances, players could not advance past Contract Negotiations in Two Player Career
  • Addressed an issue where players could get stuck after a season break in Two Player Career
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  • Improved mix of bottoming out in F1 cars, now more audible
  • Improved performance and mix of tyre scrubs and skids
  • Added new audio for Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series
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  • Fixed an issue where the Race Engineer could incorrectly mention ‘Racing Point’ instead of Aston Martin
  • Resolved an issue where headphones could not be selected as radio output device on PlayStation 4/5


  • Fixed an issue relating to force feedback with several compatible Logitech wheels (G920, G29, and G923)
  • Fixed an issue where the LED Tachometer (Rev Counter) lights were not working on Logitech wheelbases
  • LSB & RSB buttons added for Thrustmaster T248 / T128 wheels on Xbox


  • Improved performance when companion screen is set to full screen
  • Addressed involuntary head movement when braking or accelerating
  • Fixed issue with Oculus Rift CV1 due to Stencil Mesh being enabled by default
  • Modified default settings to improve general compatibility
  • Visual quality and performance optimisations


  • Changes to handling and Force Feedback

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