F1 23's Charles Leclerc Pro Challenge Out Now

F1 23 Charles Leclerc Pro Challenge

F1 23 Charles Leclerc Pro Challenge

The second F1 23 Pro Challenge launches today, and it’s no easier than the first. Instead of taking on two-time World Champion Max Verstappen around Zandvoort, players are instead tasked with tackling the Temple of Speed.

With the challenges ramping up, let’s find out what’s in store for this F1 23 Pro Challenge.

Charles Leclerc Pro Challenge launches today

The second F1 23 Pro Challenge pits players against Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. Just like the first Pro Challenge, the goal is to beat Leclerc’s lap time, this time around the iconic Monza.

Considering how racey Leclerc was at last weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, beating the Monagasque could prove even harder than besting Max Verstappen’s time.

With the bar set at 1:20:151, every inch of track will be needed. Thankfully, the man himself Charles Leclerc is on hand to offer his advice.

Check out the full Charles Leclerc Pro Challenge video below.

Completing the challenge before 11 September will unlock the helmet Leclerc wore during the Italian Grand Prix.

Ferrari Racing Tribute livery available now in F1 23

Ferrari used last week’s Italian Grand Prix to celebrate their success in the 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans. To commemorate Ferrari’s first victory at Le Mans since 1965, the Prancing Horses ran a special livery. This tribute livery added a splash of black and the iconic Ferrari yellow, creating a striking livery.

From this week until 16 September, F1 23 players can race as Ferrari using the Ferrari Racing Tribute livery. This new livery replaces the usual Ferrari livery in Career, Time Trial, and Grand Prix modes.

F1 23 Ferrari Racing Tribute livery
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Along with the Racing Tribute car livery, players can also experience the dedicated racing suits and helmets Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz wore during the 2023 Italian Grand Prix.

After 16 September, the usual Ferrari livery will return, so be sure to hop into F1 23 to grab your videos and screenshots while you can!

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