F1 23: F1 Replays being added to let you get closer to Grand Prix Sunday

It's been two weeks since F1 23 launched but we are getting a new feature added to it! F1 World has arrived this year and connected casual play like never before. Offering scenarios and challenges to players in return for currencies and upgrades that can be used to make their car better.

Arriving later in July, a new mode, F1 Replay, will enter F1 World and draw from the real life sport. F1 23 is about to get even closer to the real sport!

Welcome to F1 Replay

Revealed in a press release from Codemasters & EA, F1 Replay will join the F1 World roster as a challenge to take on for players after every Grand Prix.

F1 Replay will allow players to take control of any of the 20 cars in a replica grid with positions identical to those set for race day. As F1 23 doesn't allow pitlane starts, we should assume that anyone starting from the pitlane will simply be at the back of the grid in the game.

Charles Leclerc leads the grid into the first corner in Brazil in F1 23
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F1 Replays will appear in F1 World following a race weekend. While there is no word if we will get replays for races that have already happened, we should get them for every one that passes once the mode is active in the game.

This follows confirmation of a similar mode in F1 Manager 2023, so it looks like the F1 license is opening up a little and allowing the games to follow the real season even more closely than before!

Red Bull's Miami livery coming to game

As you probably guessed by the thumbnail of this article, Red Bull's special Miami Grand Prix livery is coming to F1 23.

The Miami livery for Red Bull in F1 23
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Players can unlock it simply by going to F1 World this weekend and completing the hot lap challenge at the Red Bull Ring. Those who log into F1 23 during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend will also get Max Verstappen's special edition Miami Grand Prix race helmet to use.

Not-so equal cars

An odd bug has been discovered for F1 23 that is causing chaos for leagues and the elite levels of competition in the F1 community.

Read more about the equal car bug here.

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