F1 23 Hotfix changes gameplay already

F1 23 is only in its early release phase and already Codemasters has made a change to its new handling model. A recent hotfix may only include a couple of notes but one could change gameplay significantly already.

While some may think this isn't a dramatic change, it could alter a handling model that was already receiving heaps of praise. We love what Codemasters has done with F1 23, and were glowing about the handling in our F1 23 review, but this might change it already.

F1 23 hotfix

The new hotfix is barely noticeable when it comes to file size, and will be downloaded before you even register that F1 23 hasn't opened yet. However, it could change how you play the game.

Esteban Ocon overtakes Max Verstappen going into turn 1 in Australia in F1 23
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The full patch notes are:

  • Realigned throttle application in F1® World, My Team Career and Driver Career modes
  • Resolved an issue with players running F1® 23 on Steam Deck

That realigning of throttle application could make a big impact for players who are already happy with how the new F1 23 throttle acts. It's a handling and physics model that received a lot of love from the community when early access started yesterday and we love it. It has made low gears driveable for the first time in an age and allowed people to remove the traction control assist.

Quite how these changes will play out we don't yet know. More testing is needed to see if it's a big change that will force an adjustment in style and setup, or a smaller one that can be worked around.

We experienced no problems with throttle application in F1 World, My Team, or career mode while reviewing the game, and so we're surprised that Codemasters has felt it necessary to push a fix out for it. Especially given the red flag bug that is currently causing problems for players.

F1 23 setups

Looking for setups for F1 23? We are currently in the process of creating one for each track that you can use in any mode. These setups are designed for intermediate players on either pad or wheel, so there is no wild esports-style snaps of oversteer you need to control.

The rear of Zhou's Alfa Romeo turning into Spain's first complex of corners in F1 23
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Check them out below!

We are adding more setups every day so be sure to check back for more tracks!

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