F1 23 Players Can Expect the McLaren Chrome Livery to Appear Soon

No team in F1 loves a special livery quite as much as McLaren. The Woking outfit has revealed its second special look of the year, and just like the Triple Crown livery, F1 23 players should expect to be able to use it pretty soon.

The livery for the British Grand Prix this weekend is a callback to the McLarens of the late 2000s, but also a reference to one of their main sponsors, Google. The Chrome livery isn't quite what fans wanted, but F1 players will be able to add it soon.

F1 23 McLaren livery

F1 23 already had a special McLaren livery, giving fans the chance to earn the Triple Crown livery in the first week of the game release. Since then we had the chance to earn the Red Bull Racing Miami livery too. All these time-limited events have taken place in F1 World and been relatively simple to complete.

It's given fans the chance to earn some cool rewards that can be used in multiplayer or My Team to add a bit more realism to the car. F1 23 hasn't improved how the custom liveries and sponsors look, especially is relation to the actual teams. But these special liveries give players the option to have a car that doesn't stand out like a sore thumb.

Red Bull Racing's Miami livery in F1 23
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Given that history less than a month into the game, we should expect Codemasters to have the Chrome livery ready to go for a future challenge in F1 World.

Whether that will be this weekend or immediately following the Grand Prix we don't know yet, but it looks like Codemasters is aiming for an "always on" feel for F1 World, giving players challenges and events related to the real world calendar.

What else could we get in F1 World?

One thing that players will want is the pink Alpine livery. The team used it for the first few races this season, just like last year, but it hasn't made an appearance in the game. Created for their title sponsor BWT, adding it to the F1 game would be another solid piece of marketing for them.

The shiny McLaren chrome livery
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We're also likely to get a few more special liveries from teams through the year, and don't forget that F1 23 will cross over into the 2024 Formula 1 season. With AlphaTauri expected to go through a name change perhaps we could get their new livery added when it is revealed.

F1 World offers a lot of opportunities for Codemasters to add items to the game and offer an experience that evolves with the real-life season.

While the mode is still in its infancy, there is clearly the idea of having something akin to Ultimate Team in the F1 game, and by adding these one-off liveries Codemasters is taking the steps needed to have an "always on" game.

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